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Your Little Fashion Designer Will Love This Model Party Theme

Your Little Fashion Designer Will Love This Model Party Theme

Watch out Vogue, here we come!

If you've got a child who loves to play dress-up, this is the perfect party theme for them! This party theme will allow them to show off all of their outfit concoctions while trying some new ones! We've got plenty of ideas to help you bring a model themed party to life. Let's dive right in.

Key Points

  • This party theme is ideal for kids under 12, but it can be done with kids aged 12 and 13 if they want!
  • If you're on a limited budget, you can get all the supplies you need from the Dollar Store. If your budget is more expansive, try Amazon.
  • Remember to record the actual show!

Strike a Pose with a Model Party Theme

Décor by Armani

Transforming your living room into a Paris Fashion week runway can be simple or elaborate. It all depends on you. A trip to the Dollar Store will yield a few shower curtains and a red plastic table cloth. Hang the shower curtains in a doorway or arch on a tension rod to create the entrance to the run way. If you can't find shower curtains that will work, improvise and use the existing drapes on one of your windows. Tape the plastic table cloth to the floor in front of the curtains to create the catwalk. For added pizzazz, tape Christmas lights around the edges.

If you have a bigger budget and want to do something more elaborate, head on to Amazon and find a red carpet runner. There are tons of options available, so pick the one that matches your desired length. Grab a curtain while you're on there, and some fancy lights to decorate your living room. You can add fairy lights or similar to the edges of the runway for added flair.

Bring It On, We're Not On a Diet

Create a swanky table setting by dressing up the serving dishes. None of those cartoon character paper plates or napkins. Choose metallic or glitter colors of paper and plastic wear instead. You can even get some plastic stemware to serve the punch. The food itself can be anything known to please your crowd. Just present it in stylish, modern serving dishes. Try serving chips in a glass bowl, or serve the fruit with fancy toothpicks. Make the cake as funky as you can. Fashion is all about being edgy. Don’t be afraid to go really over the top. If you would rather have a simple sheet cake, decorate the top with a run way and place a few Polly Pockets or Barbie dolls on top strutting their stuff.

If you can afford it, a chocolate fountain will really sell the “model show” theme. A chocolate fountain will feel elegant and extravagant to kids, and will satisfy everyone's sweet teeth. Choose your birthday kid's favorite fruits and snacks for the chocolate fountain, or pick classics like strawberries and pretzels. Arrange them on a silver platter, and present them to your party guests.

Games Models Play

For young models (4-9): Provide a variety of clothes and have them put together an original outfit that they will model on the runway. Remember this age is still really into fantasy and princesses; include those types of clothes. Record the show! It will be funny. They will also really dig hair and make-up. Ask a few of the mothers to stay and provide make-up services to the girls as they get ready for the big show.

For older models (10-13): The clothes will need to change a bit for these girls. Include some long scarves or pieces of cloth that they can make into a creation of their own. They may need clothes pins or safety pins to get it all together. Hair and make-up will also be different. They can do this themselves or take turns doing each other’s hair and make up. A recording of the show is still a must. They can watch it later as they eat cake and wait for parents to pick them up.

Generally, kids have outgrown themed parties by the time they leave middle school, sometimes sooner. It can be disappointing when your kid declares that they are no longer interested in a themed party, but it's important to listen to them! It's all a part of growing up. There are still plenty of fun things you can do with your child for their birthday as they age. If they're still really into fashion, take them to a fashion show!

Let the show begin! Enjoy!

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