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Check Out This Full Guide to Throwing a Concert Birthday Party

Check Out This Full Guide to Throwing a Concert Birthday Party

For your child's next birthday, throw them a concert at home! This party idea doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming. Rather, it can be done rather easily and inexpensively with just a little bit of planning. Follow our guide and you'll be hosting the perfect concert party in no time!

Concert Party Theme – The Venue

Make a red carpet leading up to your front door using red wrapping paper, or a roll of red plastic table cloth.

Make your own Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame. Draw stars on your driveway or walkway with chalk, and write the names of your guests in them.

Make a sign for your front door that says “Stage Door, band and roadies only”.

Make a stage area. Paint gigantic speakers on a plain white sheet. Hang it from the ceiling. Hang strings of clear Christmas lights around the edges of the sheet.

Use star shaped balloons on the food table, and have some floating through the party room.

Hang posters and pictures of popular bands around the room.

Turn your bathroom into a dressing room. Have a supply of glitter hair spray, hair gel, stick on body jewels and temporary tattoos. For slighter older kids, supply make up and body glitter as well.

Give each concert goer a glow stick they can wave in the air while others sing and dance.

Concert Party Theme – The Concession Stand

Serve foods you would normally find at a concert. Chicken fingers, hot dogs, pizza, soft pretzels, French fries served in paper cups, nachos, and individual bags of popcorn.

Put sparkling juice or cider into plastic champagne flutes, and serve them on a silver tray. If you don't have a tray, you can make one out of cardboard covered with aluminum foil.

Serve a star shaped cake that says “You rock”, “You're a superstar”, or “Rock ‘n Roll forever”. Alternatively, you can fashion a microphone cake and use that instead! Other great cake shape ideas include a guitar, a piano, or a music note. If you aren't great at creating shaped cakes, a regular round cake with one of the aforementioned phrases written on it will suffice.

As always, make sure you inquire about any food allergies before setting your party plans in stone. Check with each parent about dietary restrictions. If there are any, plan accordingly. You many need to offer an alternative food item, or change your menu entirely. Make sure you inquire about food restrictions far enough in advance for you to change your plans. Asking two days before the party is not a great idea!

If you don't want to go through the effort of making your own cake, reach out to various bakeries to see how much it would cost to have one professionally done. While it is more expensive, this is often the best and easiest way to get a special shaped cake done. Plus, bakeries often offer many different cake flavors and styles! Ask your guest of honor what their preferred cake flavor is.

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