Do you have a child who loves to build? Always finding little colorful Lego blocks scattered around your household? Perhaps the theme of your child’s next birthday is right in front of your nose. Check out the things you need for a Lego birthday party! These iconic building toys have exploded in popularity since their creation in the 1930s. At first, they were made of wood before being remodeled into the small plastic toys that are known and loved today. In the production of the modern Lego, there are numerous party packs, architectural monuments, and even a new line of Lego bouquets! The brand has expanded into fully-fledged theme parks, video games, and a series of very well-received Lego movies (via Brittanca).

There are so many stories that Legos can tell and what better theme for a birthday party than to be able to build a world at your fingertips? Keep on reading for a rundown of all the party essentials you’ll need to get this off the ground!

The Basics of Party Planning

Since preparation is key for most planned events, the most basic things can, sometimes, be the most important. Follow this list of the tasks that will be best to knock out in the early stages of party planning. Then you can focus on the bigger picture and the theme! As with most birthday celebrations, the who, what, where, and when are of big significance. Here are the first things you need for a Lego birthday party.

1. Who will you invite to the party? Work with the birthday kiddo to get a list together of friends, classmates, etc. that they want to share on their special day. Keep in mind that the number of people attending may inform where you can actually host the party.

2. When can you have the party? Planning out the date and time and ensuring that people can come will be another hoop to jump through. Is your child’s birthday on a Wednesday? Can you move the party to a weekend so that more people can attend? These are all good questions. 

3. How will you send out invitations digitally or through the wonderful work of the United States Postal Service? There are many online invitation services that will send out E-Vites either for free or for a small fee. If you’re going to use the snail mail option, be sure to find invitations that fit your theme and then give yourself enough time to get them in the mail well before the date of the birthday party. Lego offers free downloadable invites that can be printed or emailed! Be sure to track down contact information for your child’s friends via email or address. Handing them out in person is also a good option for this step!

Birthday Anniversary Numbers Candle with Funny Character & Birthday Party Invitation Card Template
Themed invitations are a great way to set your party up for success.


4. And, of course, the food! What snacks will you or can you bring/provide for your child’s special birthday? Are certain guests allergic to anything? If you’re at a venue, be sure they allow you to bring your own food and drink. If you’re at home, perhaps you can have some fun with it and make the snack set-up match the theme.

The Specifics

And now comes the fun part, the theme! What are some ways to make your Lego party unique yet true to the theme of beautiful, buildable, creative fun? Here are the things you need for a Lego birthday party.

5. First decide if you will host this party at your house, or outsource it to a Legoland hotel. Certain Legoland hotels offer a special birthday package for purchase. There are two tiers of this package but both include a special souvenir Lego bottle with free refills, a $20 Legoland gift card, 3 special Lego mini-figures, a plushie, a pillowcase, a blanket, and a cinch bag! They will also hang a birthday banner on your child's door if you're staying overnight at the hotel. Add-ons can include a special dinner for the birthday child and a surprise Lego-themed dessert.

6. If a party at home is more your speed, be sure to stock up on Lego-themed decorations, utensils, and treats. Order a Lego sheet cake or cupcakes from a local bakery that allows for customizations. Make your living room into a huge Lego playroom with fun decorations you can find online, and listed at the bottom of this page!

7. Plan some Lego activities and games! Here are a couple of good ideas:

  • Have your guests bring their Lego sets over to have lots of build time together.
  • Set up a race to build the same small Lego set to see who is the master builder. You could even have small prizes for an activity like this.
  • Set up a projector or a movie room where your child and their friends can watch one of the Lego movies. Provide popcorn, maybe make it a sleepover?
  • If you have the right setup, maybe you could host a Lego game night with some of Lego's cool and adventurous video games.
colored toy bricks on the floor
Opportunities to build together can be a great birthday bonding experience. Bring the Legos, bring the fun!

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Party Planning Overview

Planning a Lego-themed birthday party is just about getting the building blocks in place. Start with your party essentials and then get your decorations together. Plan some activities, share the Lego love, and enjoy a creative birthday party your child is sure to always remember. Happy building!

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