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The 10 Best Toys For 5 Year Olds

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The 10 Best Toys For 5 Year Olds

While the first few years of your child’s life can feel like the most difficult, they also go by in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, your child is 5 years old and getting ready for kindergarten. There are so many things your child is learning at this age and it’s fun to watch them explore and discover the world around them. Whether their birthday is coming up or it’s time for some new toys, you might be looking for the best toys for 5-year-olds.

Kids at this age are energetic, creative, and full of imaginative ideas. While it seems like they can have fun with almost anything, there are also plenty of toys out there that can encourage independence and creativity. Let’s first look at what developmental milestones are typical of kids at 5 years old

What Are 5-Year-Olds Learning?

Turning 5 years old is an exciting milestone for your child! As a parent, it’s essential for you to know what developmental milestones are coming up and what skills they’re currently learning. They may start to outgrow some of their older toys and need some toys and activities that are more engaging.

Not only are kids at this age learning to problem-solve, but they’re working on social and emotional skills as well. At 5-years-old, your child is learning to:

  • Build relationships and connect with others
  • Express their feelings and emotions
  • Use complex sentences
  • Develop physical skills like riding a bike or jumping rope
  • Become more independent and make decisions on their own

Play is more than just something fun that children do–it’s also an important part of their development. Age-appropriate toys can help kids develop essential physical, social, and emotional skills, especially as they play and engage with others. Whether you choose puzzles, games, or outdoor toys, there are numerous highly-rated toys out there for your child to enjoy.

Yahtzee Jr.

It doesn’t get more classic than Yahtzee! Yahtzee Jr. is the perfect version of the game for kids around the age of 5 and it’s also fun for the whole family. If you loved Yahtzee growing up, this is a great way to introduce this classic game to your child.

To make it even more exciting, this version of Yahtzee Jr. is Marvel-themed with Spidey and His Amazing Friends. It’s also a no-reading required game so if your 5-year-old isn’t reading yet, they can still join in the fun by matching the pictures.

Hasbro Spidey and His Amazing Friends Yahtzee Jr.Marvel Edition Board Game for Kids Ages 4 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • No reading required
  • Simple for young kids to understand
  • Spidey and His Amazing Friends themed
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Don’t Break the Ice

Don’t Break the Ice is another classic game that kids still love. This game is for 2-4 players and comes with 2 mallets, 32 small ice blocks, and a figure of Phillip the Penguin. It’s simple enough for young kids to understand and kids can play with family members or friends.

The purpose of the game is for players to tap each ice block one by one and try not to break the ice. Your 5-year-old can also practice sportsmanship with this simple and easy-to-understand game.

Hasbro Gaming Don't Break The Ice Game, Multicolor
  • Play with 2-4 players
  • Simple for young kids
  • Fun for siblings to play together
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The Floor is Lava

Kids love to use their imagination and pretend the floor is lava and this classic game is the perfect way to let their imagination soar. The Floor is Lava! is also a great way to encourage team building and physical activity.

This game can be played with 2 or more players and is a lot of fun for both kids and adults. You can also use the foam stepping stones for indoor or outdoor play. The Floor is Lava! comes with 25 colored foam stones and 27 challenge cards.

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Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is another fun game to play with your 5-year-old. You can purchase a classic version that looks like the original Chutes and Ladders or you can mix it with this Super Hero Adventures version.

In this version, you can play as Spider-Man, White Tiger, Iron Spider, Power Man, Venom, Black Cat, Green Goblin, or Rhino. This game also includes the game board, spinner, character pawns, pawn stands, and instructions.

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Let’s Go! Binoculars

With the amazing imagination that 5-year-olds have, they can get so much out of one toy. This set of binoculars from Let’s Go! is great for young kids to play with, and there are infinite possibilities for play.

Whether they choose to go bird-watching, look at bugs, or pretend to be a spy, they’ll enjoy playing with these binoculars independently or with friends. The Let’s Go! Binoculars are made from safe and non-toxic materials and they’re perfect for little hands to grab.

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Plumia Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic building blocks are all the rage nowadays, but they can be pretty pricey. The Plumia brand magnetic blocks are highly rated but more affordable than some of the name-brand choices. This block set comes with 52 pieces and allows children to use their imagination while building.

Each block is vibrantly colored and non-toxic. The Plumia Magnetic Blocks also make a great educational toy and are perfect for STEM learning. Whether you’re using them to teach 3D spatial or tactile skills, you and your 5-year-old can enjoy working with these blocks.

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Mini-Robot Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies are the kind of toy that never gets old. Especially around 5 years old, there’s something fun and exciting about being able to play and talk to each other from another room. This toy is perfect for free play, using their imagination, or playing with siblings.

To make it even more fun, these walkie-talkies are designed to look like miniature robots and they come in several different colors. They have a durable and safe design and a range of up to 1,000 feet.

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Seckton Digital Camera for Kids

Kids love taking pictures and there’s nothing more fun than getting to take pictures with their very own digital camera. This digital camera from the Seckton Store comes in a wide range of colors and is perfect for young children who haven’t used a camera before.

The Seckton Digital Camera comes with numerous features such as auto-focus and multi-scene selection. The materials include non-toxic plastic and a shock-proof shell.

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LCD Writing Tablet

If you’re looking for something your kid can take anywhere, this LCD Writing Tablet is an excellent choice for your 5-year-old. This toy allows them to express their creativity and imagination without having to carry around pen and paper. 

It’s perfect for playing at home or even in the car. This tablet offers a lock feature so they can keep their drawing from being erased and they can also easily erase what they’ve drawn with the push of a button. The LCD Writing Tablet comes in 6 different colors and the pen is attached so that it doesn’t get lost.

Lite Brite Ultimate Classic

You can’t go wrong when you choose a classic Lite Brite for your 5-year-old. This toy comes with 206 pegs in 6 different colors for endless fun. The Lite Brite also includes 4 different modes including white light, alternating flash, all-flash, and rotating flash.

A Lite Brite is a great way to foster creativity and help your child develop hand-eye coordination. There are numerous ways for them to play with this toy and it’s the right size to take on the go.

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Finding the Best Toys for 5-Year-Olds

No matter what their interests are, 5-year-olds are a load of fun. At this age, you likely notice your child developing their own preferences and interests. They’re also starting to engage in more adult-like conversations even though they may struggle to properly express their feelings or more complex ideas.
Play is an essential part of growing up. The toys on this list are perfect for any 5-year-old and can help to encourage some of the skills they’re already learning. Whether you’re looking for a gift for their birthday or simply want to surprise your child, this list of the best toys for 5-year-olds is the perfect way to celebrate.

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