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The 5 Best Toys For 4-Year-Old Girls

A young girl is seated on a rug center frame the rug is striped with one large white stripe followed by an orangey brown stripe that is not as wide, and then a pink stripe followed by another orangey brown stripe. The pink stripe is a little bit wider than the orangey brown stripes but only about half as wide as the white stripe. The orangey brown stripes are about 1/3 the size of the white stripes. The pattern repeats four times on the small rug. The rug is on carpet that is tan and wheat colored. The young girl is looking down her focus is on her hands which are dropping some colorful manipulatives onto the small rug. They are red yellow blue and green. They are about the size of a quarter, but they are not round. The little girl has on a long sleeve gray shirt with white lace running the length of both sleeves. She is wearing indigo denim jeans. The little girl is the focus of the picture although there are other people in the frame they are out of focus. There are also other rugs visible in the frame. One behind the girl is striped with light blue and green with the light blue stripes being larger than the green ones. A woman with long blonde hair is partially visible on the right side of the frame.

The 5 Best Toys For 4-Year-Old Girls

At age four, the imagination is running wild. Often children like to pretend to be something else like a school teacher, a doctor, or even an animal. They also like to copy people or be included in what other people are doing. For example, if you're cooking, they want to cook too. If you're gardening, they want to garden too. Knowing the interests of a four-year-old, what toys will they fall in love with? Let's take a look at the best toys for four-year-old girls.

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At the age of four, your little one should know numbers and some letters as they prepare to enter preschool.

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Princess Castle Tent

Princess Castle Play Tent

Glow In The Dark Stars, Conveniently Folds into a Carrying Case.

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09/08/2023 06:59 pm GMT

This foldable and glow-in-the-dark tent acts as a cute play house for her to pretend to be a princess. Use it indoors or outdoors for all different kinds of stories built from their imagination. Because it folds, it's easy to set up and break down.

Spelly Straws

Spelly Straws

Interactive Straw, Multi-Color

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09/08/2023 07:00 pm GMT

These spelly straws are a great activity to get your little one ready for a meal. Have them pick out a word to spell and make their straw with the corresponding letters. This will help them learn to spell and read, they're also great party favors!

Dollhouse Backpack

Dollhouse Toy Playset

Girls Pretend Play Doll House School Set W/ Portable Backpack and Accessories

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09/08/2023 07:01 pm GMT

This portable dollhouse backpack is the perfect toy to take on a play date or somewhere for a sleepover. This dollhouse recreates a school with a classroom, playground, music room, and more. Not only can she build the dollhouse, but she can decorate the furniture with the stickers included.

Build and Bloom Set

Gears! Gears! Gears! Build & Bloom Building Set

STEM Learning Toy, 116 Pieces, Ages 4+

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09/08/2023 07:02 pm GMT

This build and bloom set is a great STEM learning toy with 116 pieces to build a beautiful garden. This toy will help develop their fine motor, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The parts are interchangeable, so she can build something new every time.

Play Purse

Shemira Play Purse

Princess Pretend Play Girl Toys, Toddler Purse with Accessories.

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09/08/2023 07:03 pm GMT

Before she ends up in mommy's makeup drawer, get her this play purse that includes items like foundation powder, eyeshadow, sunglasses, a watch, keys, and a pretend phone. For mess-free play, the makeup is not real and only simulates real makeup so she can play without causing any mess or stains.

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Looking for some more options that your four-year-old might love? Check out these toys below.

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