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The Ultimate Pokemon Birthday Guide: 22 Ideas for an Unforgettable Day

Happy birthday cake with rainbow lettering

The Ultimate Pokemon Birthday Guide: 22 Ideas for an Unforgettable Day

Are you looking to throw your child the ultimate Pokemon birthday party? If your daughter or son is big into Pokemon, there are so many fun and simple ways to turn their party into one they will never forget! However, there are a few factors to remember before planning the ultimate Pokemon birthday party. 

Whether you are trying to keep it lowkey with only a few family members or you want to throw the biggest bash on the block, these ideas are the perfect place to start when planning a Pokemon party.

What to Consider When Planning a Birthday Party

The first thing you must consider when planning a birthday party for your child is what type of party they want or enjoy. Do they prefer something quiet and lowkey? Is it possible they want a few simple decorations and only family? Do they want a big blowout with over-the-top decorations, food, and games? Additionally, you may be looking for something that falls in the middle. Whatever you are looking for, the ideas on this list can jog your brain and help you plan the best Pokemon birthday party! 

Another factor to consider is the age of your child. A two-year-old child will want different food, games, and more, versus a child who is turning eleven. Once you plan what type of party you want to throw for your child, you can move on to finding the best food, games, and decorations to have at the party!

Happy multicultural group of kids having fun during birthday party with confetti
Regardless of what type of party you are throwing, these ideas will bring more festivity to the day.

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Food For A Pokemon Birthday

You can take food for a Pokemon birthday party in many different directions. One of the more popular options includes a variation of the Pokemon ball. This can be done in several different ways! First, for the top, you can cut up red fruits like strawberries or vegetables such as red peppers. Then, cut up white fruit or vegetables for the bottom and place black or blue fruit or vegetables in the middle. A cute variation of this snack plate comes from Ruffles and Rainboots here: 

Fruit tray by Ruffles and Rain Boots

Fruit and vegetable platters like the ones pictured here from Fab Everyday are also a great way to offer the children at the party healthy snacks but still keep it cute and simple:

Platter themes from Fab Everyday

In addition, a cute pizza version can be a great main dish! 

Additionally, fruit skewers make an excellent snack. Just be careful with the sharp end if any small children are attending the party.

If you are a big fan of finger foods for a party, you can place some out in bowls and give them names after the various Pokemon like Fab Everyday does here. 

Cute snack themes from Fab Everyday

Also, when it comes to drinks, opt for primary colors like blue and yellow lemonade, and give them cute Pokemon names! 

Drink idea from Nuvolosita Variabile

Another cute addition would be to add a Pikachu face to yellow solo cups for the extra decorations at the food table.

Pokemon cups from Spaceships and Laser Beams

Games For a Pokemon Birthday 

When it comes to games, there are so many different ones to choose from for a birthday party! We have many fun and engaging games on our website if you want to peruse them. These include charades, mouse hunts, and elephant tug of war. 

However, if you are searching for games geared more towards the Pokemon theme, here are a few suggestions. 

You can keep it simple and traditional with a pin the tail on the Pikachu game. You may be able to find variations of this game on Amazon, but if not, it can be made by hand with a marker, artistic talent, and posterboard. 

If the birthday party is in the middle of the summer, you can have a water balloon toss. Split off into teams, give each team a water balloon with a Pokemon face on it, and get to tossing! 

The punch party game is a new, fun one taking the party world by storm. While this game can take many forms, Care Free Crafts gives a cute version of a Pokemon ball. To make this adorable and fun game, you fill solo cups with prizes (though there can be many variations), hot glue tissue paper over the top, and hot glue the cups onto cardboard. Each kid will take turns punching the cups for a prize. We like to put a spin on this game and ask trivia questions before the child gets to punch the cup. For a Pokemon-themed game, you can ask trivia about the show and various Pokemon! 

A simple game from Care Free Crafts

Another fun game is Pokemon bowling. Draw Pokemon faces on construction paper, place them on cans, and make sure you remember a Poke ball! 

Favors For A Pokemon Birthday

If you enjoy giving out favors to the children who attend the party, there are a few cute ways to do so at a Pokemon birthday. First, as seen by Hana's Happy Home, you can make DIY Pokemon balls to stuff party favors in. 

A cute party favor theme from Hana's Happy Home

Another cute party favor bag is this simple one from Nuvolosita Variabile. Grab some yellow favor bags and draw a Pikachu face! Simple and cute!

Party favor bag idea from Nuvolosita Variabile

If you want to mix it up, you can also create Pokemon ball party favor bags, as seen by Buggy and Buddy. 

Easy and fun favor bag idea from Buggy and Buddy

Cake For A Pokemon Birthday

One of the best parts about a birthday party is the cake! Whether you want simple or over-the-top, there are many ideas to choose from. First, you can go simple with Pokemon ball Oreo pops like those pictured here from Just Add Confetti. 

Just Add Confetti cake pops

The simple Pikachu ones from Catch My Party are adorable if you prefer cupcakes. 

You can go uncomplicated with Pokemon toppers or yellow or red icing. The possibilities are endless! 

Decorations For A Pokemon Birthday

If you love decorating for parties, these simple decorations may be right up your alley. Of course, you can shop on Amazon for Pokemon-themed decorations, including tablecloths, banners, and balloons. However, if you love DIY, here are some fun ideas.

A simple decoration idea includes blowing up several different colored balloons and drawing Pokemon faces on each one, as seen here by Whimseyroo.

An adorable Pokemon balloon decoration idea from WhimsyRoo.

Adorn your front door with a “welcome Pokemon trainers” sign. 

Catch My Party also has these fun printable masks to round out the party. Have fun with a photo booth! 

Have fun with photo booth props with these Catch My Party printables.

If you want to go simple, try these cute and easy-to-make Pokemon paper plate decorations to place on a wall! 

Spot of Tea Designs brings a cute and simple decoration idea to the table.

Lastly, while these Pokemon player cards are super cute, you can make your own out of cardboard! It would help if you had paint, box cutters, and markers. 

Try a DIY version of this cute Pokemon Card from Just Add Confetti.

In Conclusion

If your child loves Pokemon, these ultimate birthday party ideas will help you create the perfect party! Whether you want something small or a huge bash, this list has many fantastic ideas. From food to decorations, the possibilities are simply endless. If you are ready to throw an epic Pokemon party, these ideas will surely help you brainstorm amazing ideas and get you started.

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