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35 Birthday Nail Ideas that Will Stun on Your Special Day

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35 Birthday Nail Ideas that Will Stun on Your Special Day

Your birthday is the perfect time to spoil yourself! You only get one a year and deserve to look and feel your absolute best. Planning a birthday can be full of all kinds of event planning details: dinner planning, creating and sending invitations, choosing and setting up decorations, picking out an outfit and accessories, and more. But don't forget about your birthday nails! Yes, you could get away with just a basic manicure, but your birthday is special and should be included in your birthday plans. If you haven't thought of a design yet, here are 35 fun designs categorized by themes for your upcoming birthday celebrations.

Every detail counts, don't forget to schedule your birthday nail appointment.

Barbie Birthday

Barbie is never going out of style. If you're planning a Barbie birthday, here are some perfect pink nails to fit your theme.

Keep it classic, but make it glam with these pink French tip glitter nails.

Take it up a notch with these hot pink and light pink nail designs. These nails will take you back to Barbie circa 2000s.

These nails are Barbie, but make it subtle. If you're more of a natural or neutral girlie, this is the perfect Barbie design for you.

Shine Bright

These shiny nails are so much fun and will definitely stand out. They will especially be great for taking pictures as the camera flash will pick up the shine.

Nothing says full glam like these sparkly nails.

If you want just a little bit of sparkle, only get the glitter as a French tip.

Neon Lights

If you have a Summer birthday, then neon nails are a great way to go. Not only are they bright during the day, but some neon nail colors actually glow in the dark. This is super fun if you're planning a night out in a dark bar or club.

Take the French tip, but make it modern. Outline the French tip shape and add an extra line by the cuticle of the nail.


This is another take on the French tip, but more edgy. Instead of filling in the tip, outline it and make it pointed instead of rounded.

If you prefer nails without a design, you can get a full set of one neon color or get a different neon color on each nail.

Pearl Girl

If you haven't noticed yet, pearls are back in and have been trending. Whether used for makeup, as accessories, or even as a part of nail designs, you can never go wrong with pearls.

Upgrade your classic French tip and fill it with pearls.

For these nails, get a pink-to-white fade and then add your pearls on top.

We can't forget about the shorter nail styles! If you have shorter nails, add your pearls on the side of the nail.

Birthday Balloon

If you don't have a theme you're aiming for but want something that feels birthday-related, these balloon nail designs are perfect for you.

These are simple yet so cute. Half of your nails will be one color, the other half will have glitter, and the middle nail will have both with the design of the balloon.

If you love the balloon design, get a balloon on every nail and choose a different color for each balloon.

Cupcake Cutie

These cupcake nails are another great design if you're looking for something that feels birthday-esque.

Choose a natural beige or pink base color and add on the frosting with sprinkles design on a few or all of your nails.

This design is a cute way to add a little pop of design. Pick a main color, and then have two accent nails on each hand, one with sprinkles and the other with a cupcake.

Golden Girl

These gold nails are perfect to match a gold theme or to celebrate your golden birthday! Your golden birthday is when you turn the same age as the day of your birthday. So, for example, if you're turning 21 on October 21st, then that's your golden birthday.


If you love a classic nail, make it special by choosing gold instead of white for your French tip.

Go full gold with an accent glitter nail for this look. Make sure to get chrome if you want that extra shine.

Want to keep it neutral but have a little pop? Choose a beige base color and add some small gold designs.

Confetti Queen

Confetti nails are another design that screams birthday. These are so colorful and say “party” like no other. You can do all different kinds of designs with confetti to make it fit your style.

Pick a neutral color and add confetti accents with a full confetti nail and French tip confetti nail.

This is a subtle way to add some shine. Choose a neutral color and add a top coat of clear with confetti.

Do a French fade with confetti at the tips! You can also fade in the opposite direction, starting with the confetti near the cuticle and fading upward.

Cosmic Constellation

If you're an astrology girlie, then you have to try out one of these designs. There are so many options you can choose from. Pick a generic cosmic design, or choose symbols that directly correlate with your zodiac.

Pick a base color to match your theme, and add on these cute designs in gold or silver.

Add in some glitter to give the look of a galaxy on each nail.

Get silver and black chrome and add in an accent nail with stars and planets.

Be A Star

Be the star of the day on your birthday with these cute star design nails. These are a great way to take a simple nail and transform it into a new look with just a simple design.

Pick a base color and a star color to create this design. Although black and white is classic, you can pick any of your favorite colors to make this design.

If you want fewer stars, do a French tip and add one star on each nail. You can also add a rhinestone for a little pop of glimmer.

These metallic stars bring pops of color to a neutral nail.


Throwing a cheetah-themed birthday celebration? You can never go wrong with a classic cheetah design. These cheetah nails are so cute and can be customed to your liking.

Keep it classic with the neutral colors of the cheetah pattern. Pick three neutral colors: one beige, one tan, and one brown.

Make your nails colorful and dynamic with a faded base underneath the cheetah designs.

If you're looking to keep it simple, pick any color and go for a matte finish. Then, use a gloss coat to great the cheetah design.

Marble Muse

A marble nail is a design you probably see less often, which will make you stand out. Choose any color and use a lighter color to create a marbled effect.

These dark green marbled nails are great for a Fall or Winter birthday. They can fit a Halloween theme or even work for Christmas birthdays.

For a brighter look, choose neon colors and make a different marble design on each nail.

Garden Glamour

Flowers are a super fun and cute design to make your nails look and feel special. After choosing a design, you can do the design on all of your nails or pick a base color and do one or two accent nails with the flowers.

These pastel lilac and yellow flowers are the perfect design for a Spring birthday.

Keep it busy with this floral design! Choose a base color and then three colors for the flower designs.

Keep it neutral with a beige base color and white flowers.

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