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Today’s post is about Christmas traditions to start with your spouse. I know it’s not Christmas yet, but it’s almost November which means I’m starting to get into planning mode. Christmas is super special for me, which means I’m planning months in advance to help create all of the magic.

Traditions are super important for family unity and bonding, but they are also really important for couples and marital relationships. Marriage isn’t always easy, but taking the time to create traditions and memories—just the two of you—will do wonders for marriage.  It will also give you plenty of good memories to look back on.

I've already started planning! These Christmas traditions are so fun! I'm such a sap for Christmas magic

If you’re looking to start a new tradition with your spouse, here are a few ideas to get your started:

If you want some creative ideas specifically for your stocking this year, make sure to check out these ideas here: 9 Creative Ways to Do Christmas Stockings With Your Spouse

    • Cider Sippin’.  Okay, I actually prefer hot cocoa, but “cider sippin’” sounds cooler.  For this one, you get a babysitter and go out Christmas shopping for the kids.  But you go somewhere special—just the two of you—and get some hot cocoa together.  While you sip on your cocoa and enjoy the time alone, you can go over your children’s lists and make a plan of attack for the shopping.
    • The Classics.  I love the tradition of watching a holiday movie together.  For my husband and I, it is “Elf.”  Send the kids to grandma’s, or send them to someone else’s house, or give them an incentive to stay in bed while mom and dad have a date night at home.  Put on a favorite Christmas movie while you wrap all of the presents.  Make dinner something easy (pizza, take-out, etc.).
    • Hallmark Christmas Movie Countdown. There's nothing that brings the Christmas spirit like a feel-good Hallmark Christmas movie. If you don't have the Hallmark channel, heres a list of Hallmark Christmas Movies you can Watch on Amazon, or if you do have the channel, here's the Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule.
    • T’was the Night Before Christmas. The next day will be majorly focused on the kids, so make a tradition the night before for just the two of you.  It could be as little as 5 minutes, but come up with a tradition that works well for your relationship.  Maybe you have a special “toast” and share your favorite memory from the last year, or maybe you exchange a special gift or letter.
    • Stocking Stuffers.  Get together with another couple that you both enjoy spending time with.  Enjoy an activity, dinner, or treat together and then split up:  Guys and Gals.  collaborate together as you search for some fun stocking stuffers for your spouse.  Sometimes getting ideas from someone else can be helpful, and having a girl’s and guy’s night is fun too!
    • Plan a Trip together. It's recommended that you take a trip together once a year–just the two of you. Make Christmas the time that you book something because of all the deals. See this years Black Friday Travel Deals (Includes Cyber Monday).
  • Christmas All Year Long.  I mentioned this one in my post on creative ways to celebrate your husband’s birthday, but I’m mentioning it again here because I love it!  Rather than give each other THINGS for Christmas, give each other date nights to be enjoyed once a month, all year-long.  This could be as simple as movie tickets, plays, and sporting events; or,if you can afford it one of them could be a special weekend away.
  • Christmas Lights. After the first snowfall, drive around listening to Christmas music and look at all the lights.
  • Themed Stockings. This is a favorite tradition all on its own! Each year, pick a theme for each other's stockings and go to town making it fun & unique for each other. In fact, themed stockings can be such a fun tradition for spouses, that you don't even need to worry about other gifts. For some ideas on some fun themes, check out my post Creative Ways to Exchange Christmas Stockings With Your Spouse.
  • Advent Calendar. Do an advent calendar for each other! Here is a fun idea using fishnet stockings, as well as some really fun ideas for what to put inside them: Advent Calendar For Your Spouse (If December has already started, this idea also works great for the 12 Days of Christmas, or even the Stocking for Christmas Day).
  • Fun ideas for spoiling your spouse this Christmas!

That's all for now!  Now it's time for you to inspire me!  What are some traditions you enjoy with your spouse?

Here are a few Reader-contributed ideas:

All of these Christmas Traditions sound so fun.

Christmas Pajamas. “Every year we buy each other something to wear to bed on Christmas Eve…some years one (or both) of us is “naughty” some years it is comfy. We wrap them and leave them on the pillows.” –Kristi

Gift-giving in Reverse:We also buy each other a gift card/certificate for somewhere that we would like to go during the year. A few years ago, I wanted to go zip-lining, so I bought the gift certificate and gave it to him for Christmas, he wanted to go to a certain restaurant that wasn’t near us and gave it to me. Then, each of us plan to use the certificates and surprise the other one with a trip. It works out great for us.” -Kristi

Stringing the Lights:My hubby and I go out to the mountains to pick and cut down the christmas tree. Later that evening when the kids are asleep, he will put on the Bing Crosby White Christmas CD, make hot chocolate and we string up the lights. The kids decorate the tree the next day.” -Stephanie

OFF the wall:Our first Christmas together, we had only been together for a short time and we each were a little “off the mark” with our gift. Each year from then on, we buy each other something small that is totally off the wall just to laugh and remember that first Christmas.”  -Kristi

Ornament Exchange: “My husband and I exchange Christmas ornaments every year! There have been some interesting ones over the years due to his last minutes shopping skills”  -Sara

Tip The Waitress:My husband and I have a shopping date night each December while our daughter bakes cookies at Grandma’s. We get all those last minute gifts and the inevitable clear tape. Then, we go to our favorite restaurant for wine and appetizers (enough to make a meal!). We give our server a ginormous tip – it’s a very busy time for wait staff and honestly, tips can decrease as customers are pinching pennies for gifts.”  -Beth

Gingerbread Houses:We make a gingerbread house every year together. It is always a fun date.” -Melinda

$20 Budget: “When we first got married we were poor collage students so we went to a store we each had 20$ to spend including tax and we buy presents for each other. The goal is for the most we can get that’s sentimental. We do that every year now and I LOVE it! We also enjoy making chocolate turtles with each other during Christmas.”  -Eva

Christmas Reading:My husband likes to listen to me read so I usually find a Christmas story for us to enjoy together.” -Lorraine

Donuts on Christmas Eve. “My husband and I make doughnuts every Christmas Eve together. Is has been our tradition since we first got married. Here are 35+ amazing doughnut recipes that we like to use”  -Katie


That's all for now!  Now it's time for you to inspire me!  What are some traditions you enjoy with your spouse?