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Half Birthdays for me, are even more fun to celebrate than regular birthdays because most people don't even know it's their half birthday, and it always makes them feel so special. I don't celebrate them every year for that exact reason–my husband never knows when I am going to randomly decide to celebrate his half birthday one year. TIP: I actually planned on celebrating his half birthday last year, but the day passed and I didn't remember, so this year I put the date in my phone with an alert a couple days ahead of time. I highly recommend this if you think you might want to do something special for someone's half birthday. If it's closer to your husband's birthday than his half birthday, you will find TONS of creative ideas here: Husband Birthday Ideas

Half Birthday Ideas

The fun thing about half birthdays is there is no expectation on how they are celebrated either–even a card and some cookies is considered overly thoughtful!

Half Birthday Cookies Printable

To get the recipe and printable for these Brookies (Half brownies + Half Cookies), click here: Brookies Recipe

Half Birthday Ideas

This year, my husband was gone for most of the day, so I started out the day by leaving a half birthday breakfast for him in the fridge. It consisted of a halved muffin, one of those yogurts that are split in two, and half a bottle of orange juice (I happily drank the other half) 🙂

I also wrapped various gifts for him to open every hour, on the half hour.

I love celebrating my husband's half birthday every few years. He NEVER expects it and feels so pampered!

Dinner wasn't quite as creative, we had a 5 1/2 lb pot roast, with halved baby potatoes and onions and carrots, and I actually can't remember what we had with it (it was a couple of months ago), but we ended the night with half of a cheesecake…..(and maybe also getting half-dressed) 🙂

Half Birthday Ideas + Printable

I need some ideas for next time! What fun things have you done for half birthdays?

To get the free printable, click on the image below:

Half Birthday Card