Craft Ideas Using Food or Kitchen Supplies

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Paper plates may seem like ordinary things, but they can actually be transformed into fun, crafty projects.  With enough creativity, paper plates can turn into various things.  Just add a little color and a pizzazz and you have got yourself a new decorative piece.  With the holidays approaching, the possibilities are endless to create colorful ornaments, wall hangings and gifts!

The following is a list of some fun holiday craft ideas using paper plates!

Bat cup

For Halloween, this batty creation will bring plenty of smiles.  Here are the materials that you will need:

•    Tin can
•    Paper plate
•    Black and white paint
•    Wiggle eyes
•    Glue
•    Scissors
•    Paint brush

First start off by painting the tin can and the plate black.  Using the white paint, add a mouth.  Then glue on the wiggle eyes.  Once the paint is dry, cut the paper plate in half.  Cut scalloped edges along the straight sides of the paper plate to create wings.  The last and final step is to glue the wings to the can! Enjoy!

Bunny mask

Although Easter could be ways away, it is never too early to be prepared once spring comes around again.  Making a bunny mask is a lot of fun.  Here is what you need:

•    Paper plate
•    Pink paint
•    White pipe cleaner
•    Pink card
•    Elastic thread
•    Glue
•    Black pen

The first step is to paint the back of the paper plate with the pink paint.  Let it sit to the side until it is completely dry.  Once it’s dry, cut out two eye holes.  Cut the pipe cleaner into three separate pieces and twist together at the center.  Glue it to the center of the paper plate (face).

Cut out the bunny’s nose from the pink card and glue it onto the pipe cleaners.  The pipe cleaners should stick out like whiskers.  Cut out two ears from the pink card and glue to the top of the paper plate.  Use the black pen to draw the bunny’s mouth.  Use the butt of the pen to punch two holes on either side of the face.  String the elastic thread through for the final step of the mask.


For those cold, wintry days, make a little snowman to keep you company.  Here is what you need:

•    Two paper plates
•    Red and black construction paper
•    Orange pipe cleaner
•    Hole punch
•    Crayons
•    Scissors
•    Glue
•    Yarn

Cut off the rim of one of the plates, to make it smaller.  Punch a hole near the rim on both plates.  Using the yarn, tie the plates together.  Draw and cut out a hat and two boots from the black construction paper.  Draw and cut out mittens from the red paper.  Glue the pieces onto the snowman.

The last steps are to draw eyes, a mouth and buttons.  The orange pipe cleaner can be poked through the top plate for the nose.