There are more Easter activities and craft ideas then simply coloring an egg. Think beyond the egg for even more fun.

Your eggs are colored and beautiful. You have almost managed to wash all the bright purple and blue dye off of your children’s busy fingers and it happens. They begin to ask if that was it. You of course consider the coloring of a dozen some odd eggs without breakage and the need spontaneous for change to the color scheme no small task. Your children on the other hand are just warming up. There are many more Easter activities to keep the kids occupied.

Bonnet Creations

The idea of an Easter bonnet has become somewhat outdated, and mores the pity. You can bring back the fun of hats by creating an Easter bonnet of your very own with your kids. All you will need is cardboard, paper, paint, paste and an imagination as broad and the brim.

To make the hat, cut a slightly oblong circular shape out of a flat piece of cardboard. Measure your child’s head and cut a correspondingly large hole in the center. Then paint the hat, or to avoid messes you can use crayons to color it. With the base coat completed the hat is ready for fun decorations. The decorations can be anything. One fun idea is to make your own flowers using pipe cleaners, colored paper and metal brads.

Egg Races

This Easter activity always made my mom cringe and doubt sensible Mother’s everywhere will share her disapproval. We kids however loved it! It all began after our family’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. In those days we hunted boiled eggs, so for a self-declared egg hater like myself the fun was mostly in the hunt.

One year I joined forces with like minded egg haters and the Egg Race was born. We stood at the top of a step slope with our packed baskets and carefully selected an egg that looked fast. Then each player placed the racing egg on the line. On the shout of go we would coax (or chuck) our eggs down the slope. The egg that went the farthest fastest was declared a winner.

For more practical and less wasteful fun, children can host their own egg races with plastic eggs. The slope can also be parent approved for gentleness to improve the survival quotient of real eggs.

Easter Flowers

The timing of Easter lends itself to the planting of flowers and other gardening activities. Select your seeds with care. If you wish to really want to emphasize the meaning of the Easter celebration select plants that echo your sentiments. One nice idea is to select a planter in muted colors, if not white, and fill it with Easter Lilies. Other flowers in a white hue mixed and potted together convey a similar message of beauty and purity.

As you can see, Easter activities are plentiful if you just think beyond the egg!