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Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: I love the bunny tracks!

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

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I have so many fond memories growing up of the big Easter Egg Hunt. My mom always did it on Saturday so that we could focus on the real meaning of Easter the next day, and we all loved it! Throughout the years my mom has switched things up a bit with some creative Easter Egg hunt ideas and I've discovered even more fun ideas over the years from other families and friends. Here a creative ideas for your Easter Egg hunt this year:

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: I love the bunny tracks!

1. Color-Coded. Assign each kid their own color. This helps give the younger kids a chance at not being outrun by the big kids.

Creative ideas for Easter Egg Hunts

2. Golden Egg Contest. My mom does this one every year. The golden egg could contain money, or some fun prize. My mom puts a picture of Jesus in the golden egg and then at the end of the hunt my mom brings the kids together and explains that having Christ in our life is the ultimate prize. She then gives the winner of the golden egg something special (it could be a toy or an Easter book, etc.)

Find a super adorable printable for your Golden Egg Hunt here: Golden Egg Hunt

Hunt for the Golden Egg: An egg hunt focused on the true meaning of Easter

On the Same website, you can print off printable rhymes that ties all the colors into the resurrection story: Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs with printable rhymes for each color

3. Glow-in-the-Dark. Host your Easter egg hunt in the evening and give your kids flashlights, or hide glow sticks inside the eggs.

15+ creative egg hunt ideas

You can also just buy Glow-in-the Dark Easter Eggs here.

Egg Hunt

4. Swim For it. Where I live, the community hosts an Easter egg hunt IN THE POOL. The eggs have a number written on them (in sharpie) and each number correlates to a prize. There is always something big for one lucky person.

5. Scavenger Hunt. If you'd like your Easter Egg Hunt to lead to your children's Easter baskets, here's a fun printable to help you out:

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

6. Bunny Tracks. This is a really fun way to get your kids excited about their baskets. These cute Bunny Tracks printables also include a little note from the Easter Bunny to put on the door, as well as some scavenger hunt clues. Super cute!

printable bunny tracks, scavenger hunt clues and a note from the Easter Bunny to put on the door

7. Role Switch. You can divide the kids up into two teams and let them have fun hiding each other's eggs. They could do it at the same time (front yard vs. backyard), or they could switch off and have fun watching each other search for eggs. You can also let them do a hunt for the adults. Kids love taking part in the “Easter Bunny” role.

8. Egg Relay. Another fun way to mix things up would be to put a silly task in each egg that the child must do until they get to the next egg (jump, hop, skip, pat their head, walk backwards, crab walk, one-leg hop, etc.).

creative egg hunt ideas

9. “Bunny Money”. This is a fun Easter Egg Hunt variation that you could do with or without candy. If you don't care, you could just include the bunny money with your usual egg fillers. If you want a candy-free hunt, you could put the bunny money in the eggs in place of candy. When the hunt is over, the money is used at the “Bunny Shop” for various prizes (dollar store items, little toys, coloring books, etc.).

Bunny bucks to hide in Easter Eggs to be redeemed in the "Bunny Shop" for fun prizes

10. Clues. If you are doing a color-coded hunt, include clues in each kid's eggs that lead to the master clue: where their Easter Basket is (or a prize, or a chocolate bunny, etc.)

Fun Printables for Easter

11. Resurrection Eggs. As my toddler gets older, I have started thinking about different traditions I want to have as a family. For Easter, I want to continue my mom's tradition of having a fun Easter egg hunt on Saturday, and then I want Sunday's focus to be on the Resurrection. A fun way to do this would be an Easter Egg hunt with Resurrection Eggs & clues. Find a printable here: Resurrection Eggs

creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

12. Puzzle Pieces. Get an Easter or spring themed puzzle at the dollar store, put it together and write a clue over the entire puzzle with permanent marker. The kids must find each puzzle piece (in their eggs) and put the puzzle together to find their Easter basket (or prize).

15+ creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

13.  Jokes & Riddles. Add some fun Easter-themed jokes and riddles to the Easter Eggs. You can print some here: Easter Jokes

14. Check List. My mother-in-law does our Easter egg hunt (for the grandkids) this way. They each have a certain number of eggs in each color they are looking for. this is a great way to give the little kids a chance at finding eggs without the older kids grabbing them all. Once you have found your allotment in a certain color, you can't take any more.

15. Green Eggs. I got this one from my mom. One year every green-colored egg had money it! We all went crazy trying to find them! I remember one year I found $20 (and I was a poor college student so I was pretty thrilled).

16. Race. If you have older kids, make it a race to the end either with color coding, clues, or relays.

Do you have any fun Easter traditions?


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