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Free Potty Punch Card Printable + Clean the House Treasure Hunt


Free Potty Punch Card Printable + Clean the House Treasure Hunt

We have two new printables today folks! One is a freebie, and the other one is just pennies in my Etsy shop!

But first, a little about our New Year's Eve:

We celebrated with my husband's family. We enjoyed some delicious ribs, followed by an epic dance party (strobe light and all). Grandma and grandpa even joined in (wish I took pictures)! We spend the rest of the evening playing games and just enjoying each other's time. My sister-in-law seems to always be in-the-know on the latest fun games and gadgets (I added some of them to my post Fun Family Games), and kept us thoroughly entertained all night.

Before the night ended we each took a picture with our New Year's Resolution. Little #1 had a great resolution, don't you think?

new year's resolutions written on chalk board


Haha, Can you see the sleep deprivation in her eyes?

So in honor of her, we have today's printable:

Potty Punch Card Printable

I searched for a free potty punch card initially, but couldn't find a free one. I thought about creating a fun potty training chart, but a potty punch card seems to be less maintenance (and more fun)!

So I finally gave in and made one. Hope you enjoy!

Click on the image below for a Potty Punch card for Girls

free potty punch card printable

Click on the image below for a Potty Punch card for Boys

potty punch card. So fun for motivating potty training success

Anyone have some great potty training tips for me?

Clean-the-House Treasure Hunt

Next up, is our Clean-the-House Treasure Map Printable!

Clean-the-House Treasure Map. So fun for motivating hard work

Does January seem to be dragging on for anyone else? It seems that after having so many holidays right in a row, January needs a little something to be excited about. And with all the New Year's Resolutions for better habits, why not a treasure hunt for cleaning the house?

Do your kids need a little extra motivation? Is it time to remind them that cleaning can actually be really fun? Sometimes chore charts just don't cut it! Use this printable “treasure map” to help praise them for a job well done. You can use this in a variety of ways:

  • Room-to-Room. As they finished their assigned task in a specific room, hand them their “clue” and let them cross that color off on the treasure map. They can earn a small prize as they move from room to room, or they can earn a “treasure” at the end.
  • You can also use printable money  to reward them as they go, and they can use the money at the end, to buy something special from the family “treasury.”

This is a great way to teach children that hard work is not only rewarding, but it can be fun too!

Clean-the-House Treasure Map. Such a fun way to make house work FUN!

***Your child does not have to move from room to room to use the map. If their assigned tasks are all in one room, you can hand them the next clue as they make progress, or after a certain amount of time (every 5-10 min, etc.).

Don't worry, if you need this printable for yourself, I won't tell! Don't forget to reward yourself with a fun treat at the end! 🙂

How do you motivate your kids to clean?

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