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Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist For Kids

Teach children how to clean their room with Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist For Kids

Looking for a bedroom cleaning checklist to help you kids know when they are finished cleaning their room? If you have experienced your children telling you multiple times that their room is clean, only to find multiple tasks undone, this checklist will help solve that problem.

This particular bedroom cleaning checklist has an easy list of tasks that will help children to know if they have accomplished their task correctly.

Another great tip I learned, is to set the table with everyones plates upside-down. Once your kids bring you the bedroom cleaning checklist all checked off, they can flip their plate over and sit down for dinner.

I might also recommend teaching your children how to declutter and get rid of things they don't need as part of our 30-day decluttering challenge.

BEDROOM CLEANING Checklist printable

Also, don't just print off the checklist and expect your children to automatically be good at cleaning their room. They need to be taught, and oftentimes that involves cleaning with them and showing them that it doesn't have to be an all-day-long task.

I suggest teaching your children our magic method for how to clean a bedroom and use it along with this bedroom cleaning checklist. This method really helps simplify the task, and makes it really fun.

Sometimes a messy bedroom can feel overwhelming to kids, but the magic method helps them to feel less overwhelmed, and the bedroom cleaning checklist kind of gives them a roadmap to know when they are done.

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

You can print of several of these bedroom cleaning checklists at one time, or I recommend laminating one checklist for each child, so that they can check things off with a dry-erase marker and use them the next time!

Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist + Teach your kid the magic method of cleaning their room

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