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Now that we have covered our genius system for How to Organize Papers (and minimize the paper clutter), Some have asked about how to make a kids art display or how to manage your kid's paper clutter. Today I want to share a system with you that should help you with all that paper clutter!

  1. Home Security Patrol. Think about the airport for a second. Can anything get onto the plane without inspection? NO! The same applies for your home. You are on tidy control! Don't allow one single piece of paper to enter your home without inspection.
  2. Filing System. If the paper does not fit within the parameters of the home filing system that we discussed and outlined, through it out.
  3. Kid's Art. The exception to this is kid's art. The last thing you want to do with your kid's art project that they worked so hard on, is to throw it straight into the garbage. Rather, let your child decide what is most prized and special. First, have a kids art display in your home. There are several ideas below, but once you have a system in place, let your child know that there can be “x” amount of art displayed at one time. When something new comes in, they must decide what should come down so that it can take its' place. You don't need to tell your child that the old one is going into the garbage, just set it aside and throw it away later. My child has NEVER noticed because I always throw away in the outside garbage. Also, if your child brings something home and leaves it carelessly in the car, or throws it on the floor, this is a good sign that it isn't cared about too deeply and can be thrown away. NONE of my kids have come back to me and said, “hey…..have you seen my picture that I left in the car?” They simply don't care unless it's something they proudly want me to see. The one pictured below is the kids art display I chose for my home (along with a few display cases).
    5 Genius Ways to Do Kids Art Display

Kids Art Displays For Managing Paper Clutter

Frames for Kid's Art Display 

Kids Art Display With Hooks

These are all super fun! If you want to get the hookes and make your own, that's an option too!


Look What I Made Kids Art Display

You can get these on Amazon, or sometimes I have seen them in the kid's section of Jane.com (along with growth charts and all other things cute).

Don't have the time to make a kids art display and don't have money to spend on one? No problem! Use some refrigerator magnets and go with the classic fridge art display!


Pin these kids art display ideas for later:

A genius system for managing paper clutter + 5 Awesome ideas for Kids Art Display

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