Getting Crafty With Paper, Glue and Crayons

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Making arts and crafts out of paper is a lot of fun.  Paper can be folded, cut up, or even recycled!  Children can really show their creative sides by coloring and drawing unique designs on paper as well.


Here are just a few of the many possibilities for craft ideas:


Bookmarks can be designed in so many different ways.  Some are large, small, simple or elaborate.  Here is what you will need to make your own bookmarks:

•    Card stock of any color
•    Markers and/or crayons
•    Clear contact paper

The first step is to cut the card stock into the size of your choice.  Have your child be free to decorate it as much as he or she wishes.  The last step is to cover the bookmark on each side with clear contact paper.

Doorknob hanger

This activity is very simple.  All you need is a plain sheet of paper and some markers.  Fold a sheet of paper in half and cut at the fold.  Hold the half sheet of paper up against a doorknob to estimate its size.  Next draw a circle on the paper and have an adult cut it out.  Your child can then color or decorate it as much as he or she wants.  The last step is to hang it on the door!

Paper necklace

Here are the materials needed:

•    Paper
•    A pencil
•    White glue
•    Scissors
•    String
•    Crayons or markers

First cut the paper into thin rectangular strips.  Color and decorate on the strips.  Place some glue on one edge of each strip.  Wrap paper around the pencil with un-glued piece overlapping glued piece.  When the glue is dry, slip the pieces off of the pencil.  The last step is to lace the string through the pieces of colorfully decorated strips to create the necklace.

Paper plate fish

This craft is silly and fun.  First cut a wedge out of a paper plate.  This edge will serve as your fish’s tail.  Glue the tail to the end of the paper plate (fish).  Draw eyes on the fish using markers or crayons.  To make it even sillier, add a googly eye instead.  Color the fish as many colors are you want by drawing scales or lips.

Paper Sunflower

Add some color to your classroom or home.  Here are the materials you will need to make a beautiful and vibrant sunflower:

•    Small paper plate
•    Paper towel tube
•    Green construction paper
•    Yellow construction paper
•    Scissors
•    Pencil
•    Tape/glue
•    Stapler

First create the stem by wrapping green construction paper around the paper towel tube.  Hold it together by using either tape or glue.  To create the petals, trace your child’s hand onto the yellow construction paper and then cut out.  You will need about six of these.  Staple the handprints around the paper plate.

The last and final step is to staple the step to the paper plate.  Flatten one end of the stem to make it easier to staple.  You can repeat this activity several times to create a beautiful bouquet!