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More Easy Craft Ideas with Things Around the Kitchen

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More Easy Craft Ideas with Things Around the Kitchen

Napkins are meant to clean messy faces, wipe up spills, and clean crumbs off the table.  They come in many shapes, sizes and colors.  Who ever thought that napkins could create art?  With a touch of creativity, crafts made out of napkins are possible. But it doesn’t stop there. Besides napkins, you can create crafts by using items such as disposable cups as well. With so many paper-based creations, you can give away gifts, decorate for the holidays, or display wonderful art around the house. 

Ready to get started? Here are some fun and easy crafts to do with your kid.

Pretty Flowers

The only materials needed for this activity are paper napkins and pipe cleaners.

Take four to six napkins and unwrap them, laying them flat. Place them neatly and evenly on top of each other. Fold up the bottom edge of the napkins about one inch. Turn them over and repeat. Continue repeating this step so that it makes an accordion. Then press the seams gently with your hand.

Slide a pipe cleaner beneath the napkins. Adjust it so that 1/3 of the cleaner is visible above the napkins and 2/3 show below them. Make sure that the pipe cleaner is centered. Fold the shorter end of the pipe cleaner so that you can twist it over the longer end. Ensure that the pipe cleaner is tight enough to pinch the napkins in the center. Pull each napkin gently toward the center to create your flower.

Butterfly Feeder

This is a really fun and artsy craft that will light up your yard. Here is what you need:

•    Disposable cups
•    Colored tissue paper
•    Cotton balls
•    String
•    Glue sticks
•    Scissors
•    Water
•    Sugar (1 tsp)

Punch a hole through the bottom of a paper cup. Rub glue all over the bottom of the cup. Paste petals cut out from the colored tissue paper. Then stuff one or two cotton balls into the hole. Punch a hole in both sides of the upper part of the cup. Cut a small piece of string and put through the holes to create a hanger.

Mix the sugar with about a half glass of water. Fill the cup about a ¼ full and hang in the backyard. The cotton ball will most likely get damp. Wait for the butterflies to stop by for a drink! Make sure you keep an eye out for any ant or other insect infestations, and replace the sugar water if one occurs.

Catch the Bead Game

This craft activity is perfect for a child’s hand-eye coordination. These are the materials that you will need:

•    Paper cup
•    Beads
•    Glitter pom-poms
•    Yarn
•    Collage materials

Punch a hole into the bottom of the cup. Using the collage materials, and glitter pom-poms, decorate the cup as much as you’d like. Take one end of the yarn and thread it through the hole in the cup. Tie a knot at the end to secure it. Thread a bead with the loose end of the yarn. Now you’ve got yourself a cool little game!

Craft Supplies to Keep Around For Your Kids

If you want to instill a lifelong appreciation for the arts and crafts in your child, you need to make sure you have crafting supplies available in your house for them. These supplies should be in a location that's easily accessible for your children. Make sure that any supplies you have available are appropriate for their age. For example, young children should not have access to a hot glue gun.

Modeling clay in different colors, glue, child-friendly scissors, markers, paint, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and colored pencils are just a few examples of great craft supplies to keep around. Giving your child access to a variety of supplies will encourage them to explore their creativity in all kinds of ways. Take a trip to the arts and crafts store with your child to pick out supplies that they want to use.

Make sure you keep supplies on hand for keeping your house clean, too! Keep some old newspaper with the paint, to remind your child to place it on the floor or whatever other surface they'll be painting on. Consider having a smock for children who are especially interested in painting or other messy crafts, so they don't ruin their nice clothes. Even with these supplies, you should still be prepared for the possibility that a mess can occur!

Crafts are a great thing for a bored child to do on a day when they can't go outside and play. Crafts stimulate the creative, imaginative parts of your child's mind, helping them to develop. Plus, they can practice their fine motor skills while making pretty art. It's a win-win all around!

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