Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Easy pipe cleaner crafts

Easy Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids

Creating things out of pipe cleaners can be a really fun activity. The possibilities are endless. Kids can make dolls or animals with the help of different embellishments. For example, a cotton ball can be used for a doll’s hair or sequins can be used for earrings.

The following list will describe how to create such cool things. Kids will be able to elaborate or decorate as freely as they want.

Kids love dinosaurs

Here is how to make a dinosaur out of pipe cleaners. What you need:

• Eight green pipe cleaners “
• Googly eyes
• Pencil
• Marker
• Glue


1. Connect three pipe cleaners from end to end.

2. Bundle them around a marker to create the body.

3. Connect two pipe cleaners from end to end.

4. Bundle half of it around a pencil to create the head and then coil some for the neck. Leave about a one-inch stem.

5. Insert the stem into the body in order to attach the head and neck. Coil one pipe cleaner around the pencil to create the tail.

6. Leave a one-inch attaching stem for the tail as well. By bending two cleaners into the shape of “V’s”, you can create the legs. Use the pencil for coiling.

7. Insert the legs into the body between the coils and then glue on the googly eyes. For more holding power, use the glue.

Don’t let the dinosaur get lonely In order to make a person, this is what you need:

• Four yellow pipe cleaners
• Googly eyes
• Pencil
• Fingernail clippers
• Glue

1. First make a “V” with a pipe cleaner and twist a small loop at the top. By twisting the two ends, you can create the person’s torso.

2. Coil another pipe cleaner around a pencil and then slide it onto the torso.

3. With the fingernail clippers, clip another pipe cleaner in half and slide one half through the loop.

4. To create the head, bundle a pipe cleaner around a pencil and stick it on the loop. By making loops at the ends of the legs and arms, you can make the hands and feet.

5. Last, but not least, glue on the googly eyes. With the extra pieces of pipe cleaner, you can make items such as a tie or a suitcase for your little person.

Hand puppets are fun for everyone!

To make a hand puppet, here is what you’ll need:

• Googly eyes
• One sock
• Cotton balls
• Fabric glue
• Felt
• Yarn
• Scissors
• Markers
• Pipe cleaners


1. Start with a single, and clean sock. Make sure that the sock can fit comfortably over the child’s hand.

2.  Have the child work his or her thumb and fingers like a mouth.

3.  With the marker, mark where the mouth, eyes, nose and ears would be.

4.  Cut ear and mouth shapes from the felt and glue where marked areas are on sock.

5.  Glue the googly eyes onto the sock and use cut up pieces of yarn for hair.

6.  Finish with pipe cleaners to create horns or antennas.





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