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Five Easy Crafts to Make From Popsicle Sticks

Kids crafts to make with popsicle sticks

Five Easy Crafts to Make From Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle stick crafts are fun and teach children how to be creative. With the right amount of patience, a child and his or her parent can make many different things.

Here are five ways to make Popsicle sticks into something very cool.

1. Popsicle Picture Frame

This can make a really great gift for Mom or Dad’s birthday. The materials needed are 9” x 12” white paper, eight Popsicle sticks, glue, crayons and scissors. Two Popsicle sticks go on each side, and will be glued to the paper in a square shape. This creates the frame. With the crayons, the child can color the Popsicle sticks, as well as draw a picture in the frame. After that is done, the excess will be cut away from the picture frame.

2. Pencil Holder

Need a place to store loose pencils? What is needed are an empty toilet paper holder, 15 Popsicle sticks, cardboard, paint or markers, tacky glue, rubber bands, and circle or star woodsies. The first thing to do is to paint the Popsicle sticks and let them dry. Then, trace the end of the toilet paper holder onto the cardboard. This will form a circle that will be cut out. Next, glue the circle onto one end of the cardboard tube. After that is dry, cover the tube lightly with tacky glue. Place the Popsicle sticks side-by-side to cover the tube. Wrap with the rubber bands until they are dry and then decorate with woodsies.

3. Butterfly Wand

This is really great for parties. The materials needed are a Popsicle stick, a pipe cleaner, a cone-shaped coffee filter, crayons, and glue (hot glue gun works best, have adult do this). First, glue the pipe cleaner to a Popsicle stick and make sure it cools completely. Then, open up coffee filter at the seam. Decorate it with crayons. The last step is attaching the paper to the Popsicle stick with the pipe cleaner. Then bend the ends to form its antenna.

4. Bird Bookmark

Items needed are a Popsicle stick, markers, felt, wiggle eyes, feather, craft glue, and scissors. First color the Popsicle stick with a color of choice. Cut a small triangle out of felt and glue onto Popsicle stick where the beak should be. Glue on the wiggle eyes and then turn the Popsicle stick over to glue the feather on the back.

5. Sun Mask

This is great for bright days. What is needed are a Popsicle stick, a piece of heavy cardboard, a pencil, scissors, markers, masking tape, and gold-colored tinsel. First draw a large circle on the cardboard and cut the circle out.  Draw about 8-10 triangles for the sun-rays and then cut them out. Next, draw where the eyes will go on the cardboard and cut out. Color all of the pieces with the markers. Tape the triangles on to one side of the circle. Use a Popsicle stick for the mask’s handle, and tape it to the circle as well. Last but not least, add some tinsel for extra shine.

One Bonus Use For Popsicle Sticks

Another great way to use Popsicle sticks is for gardening. When you're planting seeds for your upcoming garden, label what each container has with Popsicle sticks. This is super easy to do. Grab one Popsicle stick for each container.

Write the type of seed on a Popsicle stick in black Sharpie. Make sure you let what you've written dry before putting the stick in the container. Once the stick is dry, place it in the dirt. Make sure you don't cover the label with the dirt!

This is something you can have your kid do while you plant the seeds. Any kid who has legible handwriting can help with this. Be prepared for your kid to get some Sharpie on themselves! If you don't have a black Sharpie on hand, any darker-colored Sharpie will do. As long as the color is visible on a Popsicle stick, it will work just fine.

This is one of the easiest ways to make use of extra Popsicle sticks you have around the house. It's also a great excuse to buy more Popsicles, in case there are any kids reading this! We hope you have fun with all of these great Popsicle stick crafts.

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