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Awesome Crafts with Common Household Items

Craft Ideas with common household items

Awesome Crafts with Common Household Items

Craft projects for kids are a lot of fun. You can create lots of things by using simple items such as paper, some crayons, and some glue. Items ranging from hats, to books, greeting cards, and bookmarks are just some of the many examples.

Simple craft activities are great ways to show off your child’s creativity. Paper is a great product that can be utilized in many different ways. And with all of the available colors provided in crayons and markers, designs can be of anything.

Craft Ideas Using Common Household Items


Why spend money to buy a journal at the store? With paper and crayons, a journal created by your child can be made in no time. All you need is some colored and white paper, crayons/markers, glue, string, and a hole punch.

Create the front cover by choosing a color. Then, glue some cool items on the cover. This could include some pictures cut out from magazines or smaller pieces of different-colored paper cut into cool shapes.  Your child can even use markers to draw a cool design.

Punch three holes in the cover paper and some sheets of white paper. Make sure that all of the holes are aligned. Use the string to bind the journal together. It is up to the child to determine how thick or elaborate the journal should be. The pages inside can be either blank pages or lined sheets, but cut smaller to make a paperback book-sized journal.

Remember that your child's journal is their own private place to write down thoughts and feelings. As tempting as it might be to look, you should refrain from doing so. Trusting your child to have a little privacy is part of letting them grow up. If you always pry into what they're doing and thinking, they'll only become more secretive and distant. Respect the privacy of their journal and avoid looking in it.

Paper Kite

This is a really cool activity.  Here are the items that you will need:

•    Legal sized paper
•    Plastic straw
•    Glue or tape
•    String
•    Crayons or markers

First fold the sheet of legal-sized paper in half. Fold each side at an angle to form a set of wings. Tape or glue the wings together at the fold. Tape a plastic straw across the widest part of the wings to prevent the wings from blowing backwards. Put a small piece of tape to where the string will be put through. Punch a hole in that area and attach the string. The last step is to color the kite with the crayons or markers.

Once your kite is made, take your child out to test it! Hopefully, there will be enough of a wind to pick the kite up and take it to great heights. If your child is new to kite-flying, fly it for them for the first few minutes. Help them understand how to control the kite, and why it's important to not let go. Remember to avoid any power lines!

Greeting Cards

For birthdays, holidays or any other special occasion, homemade cards are the best. All you need is paper and crayons. First take a sheet of paper and fold it in half. The next step is to color and decorate it as much as your heart desires. Greeting cards can say pretty much anything and can be designed in so many different ways. This is a great way for children to express themselves.

Your friends and family will get a kick out of seeing the homemade cards your children make. They don't have to look pretty or be fancy; all that will matter is that the card is coming directly from someone special. Let your kids tell you who each card is going to! This is a great way to keep the kids busy while they wait for Santa during the holiday season.

Paper Lantern

Here are the materials needed:
•    Construction paper
•    Scissors
•    Glue/tape
•    Markers/crayons

Fold the paper in half. Along the folded part, cut evenly-spaced slashes on the open side. They should be about 1-½ inches. Color with crayons or markers. Open the paper and roll into a tube so that slashes face downwards. Glue paper edges together. You can hold each end of the lantern and press together to define its shape.

When you're done, put your paper lantern in a place of honor in your house. Your child will love being able to see their craft in a place where they and everyone else can see it. When it's time to put this particular craft away, find a special place for it where it won't get damaged.

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