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I Spy Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable

I spy photo scavenger hunt

I Spy Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable

A few weeks ago we went to a family reunion with my husband's family.  If I haven't already mentioned, I have one of the coolest mother-in-laws in the world.  Seriously.  She is like an energizer bunny and she is always doing the most creative and fun things for us and the grandkids.  For our reunion, she created an “I Spy” photo scavenger hunt  activity for the grandkids and gave them each a disposable camera.  They had soooo much fun with it.  My nephew kept asking me if I was ready to put my baby in pajamas so he could cross off “take a picture of someone in their pajamas.”  It kept them entertained for at least an entire day and I thought it was a fun way to help them remember the fun trip.


I spy printable

I created two different versions of an “I Spy” photo scavenger hunt: one for a family reunion type of event, and one for a road trip.  I also created a blank “I Spy” printable in case you want to customize your own!  Letting each kid have their own camera was really fun, but if it's not going to work with the budget, kids can still play the game just by crossing things off as they find them.  This would be a fun printable to print off and file away or add to your mommy book.

I Spy Photo Scavenger Hunt Printable

While you are printing this off, you might as well head over to our free printables post and print off all the fun travel games we have listed there!

I Spy
I Spy Scavenger Hunt. Perfect activity for family reunions, road trips, or anytime you need to occupy little minds with a fun activity


Another fun road trip tradition from my husband's side of the family:  each kid starts the road trip with a certain amount of quarters.  They are stored in plastic film tubes.  Each time they fight or tease or whine, one of their quarters is taken away.  They can also earn quarters for good behavior.  At each rest stop, they can use their quarters for treats or souvenirs.

road trip
photo source: Amazon.com

What are some ways that you make road trips fun for your kids?

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