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French Press vs. Pour Over: Two Differences & Which is Better For You

French Press vs. Pour Over: Two Differences & Which is Better For You

French Press vs. Pour Over: What's better for you? While you may think coffee is coffee, there's a drastic difference in taste and caffeine between these two coffees. There's a difference in how you make them.

There are hundreds of different coffees, from sweet to simply black coffee. The taste of morning coffee is the jolt everyone needs. The taste of coffee flavors from Guatemala or South America is morning bliss. Of course, if you want to make your coffee with extra zip, you must know how to get the most out of your coffee beans.

This guide explores the differences between the French Press and the pour-over. We look at the differences between how to make these coffees, how they taste different, and which one is better for you.

What Is the French Press Method?

French Press Coffee and Pour Over Coffe are two unique ways of making delicious coffee.

The French Press coffee-making method has existed for over a hundred years. Since the early 1900s, the French Press method was patented by an Italian inventor. One of the best things about using a French Press method is that you don't have to buy filters like you would if you used a drip method.

It's also a stronger type of coffee than drip coffee because the French Method uses a mesh filter instead of a paper filter. It gives your coffee more flavor and more caffeine. Another unique thing about the French Press is that it's portable. You don't need to plug it in. All you need to do is bring hot water with you and coffee grounds.

You can also make three to eight cups of coffee. Here are the typical steps to creating a French Press of coffee:

  • Measure how many tablespoons you need of ground coffee based on how many cups you're making.
  • Put the amount of tablespoons inside the French Press.
  • Put an appropriate amount of water inside the French Press that corresponds with the number of coffee grinds.
  • Wait 4-5 minutes for the coffee before pouring into your cup.

The taste of the coffee will be affected by the kind of coffee you choose, like Spain, South America, Africa, or wherever the country of origin the coffee comes from. It will also be affected by how much water and creamer you add to the coffee if you prefer not to have strong-tasting coffee.

What Is the Pour-Over Method?

If you like unique flavor to shine from your coffee, look no further than the pour-over method. Like the French Press method, you have full control over how the coffee is made, specifically what beans you use and the water-to-bean ratio.

The pour-over method is also portable and works inside your home or if you go camping. All you need is a filter, hot water, and coffee. It also brews anywhere from a cup of coffee to eight cups of coffee.

Here are the steps to making the pour-over method of coffee:

  • Get your coffee grinds ready and heat the water.
  • Get your coffee filter wet.
  • Get your favorite mug prepared for the pour-over coffee.
  • Add the coffee grinds to the filter in the poor over-equipment.
  • Pour the water slowly and wait for it to drip into your mug.

French Press vs. Pour Over: What's Healthier for You?

What's the healthier option for French Press vs. pour-over coffee? A few factors play a role in your overall health. If you're drinking it without any sweeteners, pour over is the best way. This is because the filter takes away the coffee oils and excess caffeine. That doesn't necessarily mean that French Press coffee is bad for you. It simply means that it doesn't filter as much out as pour-over.

However, other factors play a role in the health of your coffee. For example, sugar, milk, or cream can add calories to your coffee. It doesn't matter if you drink it or as French Press or pour over if you add tablespoons of sweeteners.

NFrench Press vs. Pour Over: What's the Better Choice?

Coffee Brewing
French Press is one of the best ways to make coffee from anywhere.

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Coffee is a morning necessity. Choosing to have it as either French Press or pour over is a matter of preference. The coffee taste is marginal, unless you have a refined palate for coffee.

Overall, either coffee methods are some of the best ways of making coffee. It's a simple and easy way to make it at home or take it on the road. Either way, you'll find a delightful cup from either method.

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