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Black Tea vs. Coffee: Caffeine Differences & Which Is Healthier?

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Black Tea vs. Coffee: Caffeine Differences & Which Is Healthier?

Black Tea vs. Coffee: What's the caffeine difference, and which is healthier? If you're trying to decide which to drink throughout the day, you may find it difficult. They both have caffeine and health benefits that include weight loss, energy, and a lower risk of a stroke.

When it comes to history, black tea goes back as far as the 17th century in China. While black tea is typically referred to as red tea in China, Dutch and British traders started calling it black tea because of the color of the dark leaves. On the other hand, coffee originated in Ethiopia. A goat herder noticed his goats eating dark beans, giving them more energy. These were the first coffee beans.

Today, black tea and coffee are some of the most consumed drinks. But if you don't want to drink both, you should consider which one is better for you. This guide covers everything you need to know about the differences between black tea and coffee and what the better choice is for you.

What Kinds of Coffee Are There?

Some light roasted coffee beans grown in Thailand are on a wooden tray, some on the table top with a coffee mug on the left, taken from a 15 degree angle.
Lightly roasted coffee beans have a more complex flavor profile. Often, the flavor is fruity and colorful.


If you're trying to decide if coffee is the better choice when compared to black tea, it ultimately depends on what kind of coffee you want.

For instance, coffee offers tremendous health benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better processing of sugar in your body
  • Less likely to develop heart failure
  • Less likely to develop Parkinson's disease
  • Improves your liver function
  • Gives you energy
  • Combats depression

Drawbacks of Coffee

These are only some benefits to consider when you drink a cup or two of coffee a day. However, there are also some drawbacks to consuming too much or sugary coffee.

For example, if you drink more than the recommended amount of coffee, about 400 milligrams a day, you may have negative side effects. These include headaches, insomnia, anxiety, and a faster heartbeat.

Additionally, you should avoid overly sugar drinks that you may find at Starbucks or other coffee shops. It can dilute the coffee and give it more calories and more sugar. If you choose to add creamer to your coffee at home, you may be surprised to find out that it has a lot of calories and sugars. Having it in moderation typically improves your health.

The Best Ways to Make Coffee

If you want to consume coffee with no added sugar, the best way to drink is black. Here are the variety of ways you can enjoy coffee without adding sugars or calories:

  • French Press
  • Aero Press
  • Drip Coffee
  • Cold brew method

These are only some of the most popular ways to make a cup of coffee. You can also have espresso, which is a stronger form of coffee and caffeine.

What Makes Black Tea Unique?

Coffee isn't the only thing with caffeine and health benefits. Black tea can be made with steeped leaves in water for minutes or hours, depending on how much you want to make.

When you make black tea, you benefit from promoting your heart health. Additionally, you also get these benefits:

  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Reduces the risk of a stroke
  • Improves focus
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Decreases the risk of some cancers

Drawbacks of Black Tea

Similar to coffee, there are also drawbacks to consuming black tea. Drinking more than the recommended amount, about 4 cups a day.

Here are the drawbacks to consider when you consume black tea:

  • Anxiety
  • Faster breathing
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Increased urination

This doesn't mean you can't enjoy black tea. Like coffee, it can be enjoyed in moderation. But which is the better choice for your health? Diving deeper into both can give you an idea of which is better for you.

Is Black Tea or Coffee Healthier?

When assessing which is better for your health, you must consider how much caffeine you want.

For instance, coffee has about 95 mg of caffeine per cup, while black tea has about 47 mg per cup. They are also both rich in antioxidants, which promote your immune system. Other studies show that coffee benefits weight loss.

Another consideration is what kind of coffee or black tea you're drinking. If you're drinking sugary coffee drinks every day, switching to good old-fashioned black tea will have tremendous health benefits, especially if you don't like the taste of plain black coffee.

Another consideration is what kind of health benefits you're looking for with either drink. For example, yo may want more caffeine because you'll have more energy. You may also favor black tea more because it offers L-theanine, an amino acid. This has calming properties.

Overall, you'll discover that they both have health benefits worth considering. Choosing one over the other is about what you're looking for concerning your health.

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