Easter games can be so much fun if you know how to play!

Easter is a magical holiday, much of the magic and preparation either falls to parents or the days before the actual holiday. This is great news, because it leaves the whole day of Easter itself to devote to play and activities. What games are there to play on Easter? If your family doesn’t have any Easter games of their own here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Egg Games

Have you ever wondered what you are going to do with all those hard boiled and colored Easter eggs; why not play with them? Easter eggs have been a part of Easter celebrations for decades. The idea to play with this holiday food is not new. There are historical accounts in many countries that include egg gaming dating back hundreds of years.

One of our favorites, which is easy for even the smallest of players, is an egg throw. The object is to throw a single egg as far as possible as many times as possible until it breaks apart. The players are awarded for both distance and number of tosses before egg-splosion.

Another egg game involved the passing of an egg between partners. With each successful toss the players step one step farther apart and toss again.

Games of Yesterday

The daily life of people who lived at the same time as Christ included games. It would be a fun Easter game to try out one of the games known anciently. Before the eyes glaze over in anticipation of a history lesson about primeval gaming, these games are popular still today.

Chess, checkers and backgammon were known and played commonly hundreds of years ago as well as today. These games might not be the most popular game, when compared to PSPs or the Wii, but that is what makes them perfect candidates to become your family’s traditional Easter games.

The Hunt

No Easter celebration is truly complete unless there has been an element of an egg hunt. It matters very little if the hider of the egg filled treats is the anonymous Easter Bunny or a nameless parent. All the kids will care about is who gets to hunt!

Add an element of fun by taking a run of the mill egg hunt and spicing it up a bit. One way to re-invent the hunt is to hide your eggs in a kiddie pool filled with sand or wood shavings.

You can also place special value on one egg, and hiding it in an extra difficult spot. Assign point values to some eggs to make the hunt about point accumulation, not just finding the most eggs.

No Wrong Answer!

When push comes to shove there is no wrong answer when it comes to Easter games. If your family has a few favorite games, play them on Easter. The point after all is to enjoy the day playing together. In the end it really matters very little what Easter games you played.