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Your Little One Will Love This Awesome Sesame Street Party Theme

Your Little One Will Love This Awesome Sesame Street Party Theme

Have a little tyke who loves “Sesame Street”? Then you need to take a close look at this Sesame Street party theme. “Sesame Street” has been a staple in children's lives for decades, and that doesn't seem like it's going to change any time soon. Let's take a look at how to throw the best Sesame Street party.

What Age is This Party Best For?

As a parent, you want to make sure you throw a party that your child and all of their guests will enjoy. Ensuring that you throw a party that's right for your child's age is key. “Sesame Street” is intended for children ages five and under, so that is a good guideline to go by. Children slightly older than five may still enjoy the show, but you'll want to take care that you check with your guest of honor first.

Even children who are still toddlers may appreciate this party theme. Of course, they won't be able to enjoy it in the way that an older child would, but the sight of their favorite characters will surely excite them. For toddler-aged children, buying party decorations that have “Sesame Street” characters on them is ideal. Older children will appreciate homemade decorations more.

Understanding when to move into party themes for older kids will help you always throw the best party possible for your child. Typically, a child is more than ready to move to these sorts of party themes by seven. Enjoy each year as it comes! Now, let's get into how to throw the best Sesame Street-themed party.

Can You Tell Me How to Get to A Sesame Street Party?

Make a trail of Big Bird's footsteps up your driveway with sidewalk chalk. Make your own Sesame Street sign using yellow and green foam board. Use white letters to spell out Sesame Street, and white numbers to put on the 123. Make lots of letters and numbers from construction paper and scatter them around the party space. If you have foam or magnetic letters, use them as well. Choose red, yellow, and green for streamers and other decorations. Use all the Sesame Street toys you already own as table toppers and centerpieces. Make a banner that says “Welcome to Sesame Street!” and hang it on the front door.

Sesame Street Party Theme – F is For Food

Goldfish crackers are a hit with most children, and they pay homage to Elmo's favorite pet, his goldfish Dorothy! Make sandwiches and cut them into various shapes with cookie cutters. Make some circles, squares, triangles, etc. Serve mini pigs in a blanket and call them Twiddle Bug hot dogs. Serve cookies in honor of everyone's favorite monster, Cookie Monster! Bake a batch of cupcakes, and decorate them to look like Elmo. Frost them with white frosting, and cover it with red sprinkles. Use an orange jelly bean for the nose, and mini marshmallows for the eyes. Bake two round cakes, and decorate them to look like your child's favorite “Sesame Street” characters. Frost one red and decorate it to look like Elmo. Choose blue for Cookie Monster or Grover, green for Oscar, etc.

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