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Your Child Will Have a Blast With This Ratatouille Party Theme

Your Child Will Have a Blast With This Ratatouille Party Theme

Have a movie fan in your household? Then this is the perfect party theme! Make sure to read through this entire article, since we provide lots of fantastic ideas to make your child's birthday party as good as it can be.

Ratatouille Party Theme – Rats Welcome!

Make a centerpiece with a large soup pot filled with different types of cooking utensils. Make cheese wedges from construction paper and hang them around the party area. Use yellow, blue, green and orange for streamers and balloons. Buy a Ratatouille poster and hang it in the party area.

Ratatouille Party Theme – Ratty Recipes

Put out a tray filled with different varieties of cheese. It's probably best to keep it to types the children have seen before. Swiss, cheddar, American, and provolone are all safe bets. Serve a batch of Ratatouille. You can make it ahead of time, or use the making of it as an activity at the party. Children are more likely to eat food they've helped prepare, so having them help decrease the likelihood of you being stuck with lots of leftovers. Serve sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses, and tell the children it's French champagne. Make a birthday cake that looks like a wheel of cheese. Bake a round cake, and frost it yellow. Use black icing to draw black holes here and there on the cake.

A Ratatouille Party Isn't Complete Without “Ratatouille”

Any Ratatouille-themed party needs to include a showing of “Ratatouille”. This should be the highlight of the party, so make sure to plan it for the right time. Have snacks on hand for the guests, and make sure everyone has somewhere comfortable to sit.

Ratatouille is just under two hours long, so it can fit into a three or three-and-a-half hour party fairly easily. If you want to be on the safe side, make this party an overnight or extend it out to four hours. Generally, it's best to avoid making a party longer than four hours unless it's going to be an overnighter- both for you and the guests!

One strategy is to serve the main food first, then show the movie, and then do gifts. Gifts are almost always saved for the end of a party. By serving the food first, you'll ensure that nobody gets cranky or impatient during the movie because of hunger. You can still provide snacks in case anyone is still hungry!

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