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Your Kid Will Have a Blast With This Amazing Luau Party Theme

Your Kid Will Have a Blast With This Amazing Luau Party Theme

A Luau party can be a lot of fun for kids. It's a great summertime party, but it can be done in the colder seasons with a little bit of improvisation! If your child is getting too old for princess or superhero parties, consider a luau! We've got a full guide here to creating the perfect luau party, from decorations to activities to food!

Key Points

  • A luau party is best for children under 13. Most kids have outgrown themed parties by the time they reach high school.
  • Grab tropical foods for the party, such as a fruit tray and a coconut cake.
  • Play games like limbo and a tropical-themed clothing relay!

It's A Luau!

While your littlest kids may not appreciate the luau scene, your tweens and young teens surely will.

Surf, Sand and Sun

If you can’t host this party at the water’s edge, then fake it. Fill your back yard with tiki lights, a few beach balls, and a wading pool or two. Be sure each guest is appropriately adorned with a flower lei. A few island extras that will help provide the Hawaiian feel are: paper umbrellas for the drinks, a zany coconut bra (use it as a center piece, no one has to wear it), Gilligan hats, and paper lanterns. The right music will really create the mood too. Choose some nice ukulele tunes or a beach sound track.

If your child protests the idea of having ukulele or beach music at their party, it's okay to choose different music! After all, this is your child's party. If they want to play their own music, then let them. It'll help their birthday be special for them. Plus, their friends will probably appreciate more popular music over ukulele tunes.

MMM, Roast Boar

Authentic luau food could really drive you crazy trying to prepare it! A pit roasted pig for example would not only require you to purchase and transport a whole dead pig, but also to dig a pit in your yard. We can just leave that to the experts. Choose kid favorites and add a tropical twist. Serve pizza with pineapple. Serve fruit trays heavy on the mangos, pineapples, papayas, and coconut. Have chips served with a mango or pineapple salsa dip. The cake can be any kind of coconut cake. This does not put chocolate out of the running. There are lovely recipes for German Chocolate cakes topped with a coconut butter and nut frosting. Delicious!

Have your kid help you with the menu. It's important to pick foods that they and their guests will like, since otherwise nobody will have a good time! While pineapple pizza might be appealing to some and fits the luau theme, a lot of people don't care for it. In that case, consider getting a pizza with some ham and bacon on it instead. Similarly to the music, the menu should be catered with your birthday kid's wishes in mind!

Silly Party Tricks

No luau party would be complete without a limbo contest. Grab a bamboo stick or your broom and see how low you can go! Once the limbo has run its course, consider having a hula contest with a prize for the winner! A clothing relay race is always fun, too. Assemble a pile of particularly lurid tourist garb (straw hats, khaki pants, loud shirts, etc.).

Place a pile of clothing for each on the far end from the finish line. One at a time, each member of the team runs to the pile, puts on one of the garments, and runs back to the next player. They pass that item to the next runner and play continues until the first team has one player wearing all the items.


A luau party can be a lot of fun for older kids! This party theme is ideal for kids 13 and under, as by the time a kid reaches high school they've more than likely outgrown themed parties. While this can be a bittersweet moment for you, it's important to respect their wishes. There's still plenty that you can do with your kid for their birthday that doesn't involve a themed party!

Plus, not doing a themed party will save you money in the long run. If you've got a younger child on your hands, though, enjoy the fun of themed parties while it lasts. This luau party is the perfect choice for a summer birthday, but with a little work it can be a success at any time of the year. Have fun!

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