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Party Ideas for the Perfect Unicorn Party

Unicorn Party Ideas

Party Ideas for the Perfect Unicorn Party

My daughter just had a birthday, and all she wanted was a unicorn party! She's been talking about it forever!  Check it all out below, and make sure you check out our other kid's birthday party ideas.Unicorn Party IdeasThanks to the free unicorn printables and party ideas over at Double The Batch, I didn't have to come up with much on my own! 

Although I did come up with this Unicorn Party Game:

The kids formed 3 lines, and when I said “go” the first three crawled through their tunnels, did 3 hops in the hula hoops, mounted onto their inflated unicorns, and raced to the rainbow! Depending on how many kids are coming, you could easily do this game with just one or two tunnels/unicorns/etc.

Unicorn Party Games and Ideas

This was the rainbow they were racing for: Just a bunch of helium balloons with a string holding them down! So easy to make (and way cheaper if you get the helium tank kit).

Unicorn Party Ideas and Games

In the above photo, my daughter is holding her unicorn party invite. We have done a lot of parties, but we have never gotten such a response to the PARTY INVITES! I didn't even know people glanced at those things for more than a second, but almost every house we went to mentioned how cute they were and asked where we printed them. So since I know I will get the same question on the blog, you can find them here.

Here's a better pic of the unicorn party invitation and unicorn party decorations:

unicorn party decorations, games and ideas

A 4-year old's dream come true….Here's some more fun unicorn party ideas below:Unicorn Party Ideas



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