Imagine That: Fun Activities For Kids

Children have the rest of their lives to learn about the world.  With the world at their fingertips, they have the flexibility to discover and create as much as they want.  Our world is filled with so many wonderful opportunities and children should be introduced and immersed in as much as possible.  Reality may not sink in for a few more years because our children’s minds continue to develop on a regular basis.  Children should engage themselves in being as creative and imaginative as possible.  Being imaginative allows a child to set his or her own barriers.  In our minds, we can envision a world that is so unlike the one that we currently live in.

Activities that teach imagination are limitless.  Some may rely or enhance a child’s specific talents and skills.  Others may be nothing more than just good old fun.

When I grow up

This activity can be done in a couple of ways.  The first way is to ask your child what he or she thinks a sibling or a neighbor might have as a career.  By listing down all of the characteristics of the person chosen, your child can determine where the said person could live or even look like in the future.

This game applies to the child as well.  Sit down with your child as he or she writes down things that he/she enjoys.  There are lots of careers and looking ahead to see what the future brings isn’t a bad idea for parents, either.

Fifteen minutes of fame

This game is a lot of fun.  Being famous isn’t necessarily just limited to celebrities and professional athletes.  Doctors might be featured in a prestigious journal or a writer may have sold another bestseller online.  Pretend that your child just got recognized for something amazing.  Grab a play microphone (a hairbrush maybe) and ask your child what he or she was awarded for and who should be thanked.  It’s amusing to see what they come up with!

Magic tricks

To spruce up this activity, provide your child with a wand and a magician’s hat.  You can make a wand out of an old tube, aluminum foil, and a star cut out of paper.  The magician’s hat can be created out of black construction paper into a cone-shape.  If your child has a stuffed bunny, that would make the activity seem even more authentic. Watching your child yell, “abracadabra!” can be very entertaining and fun.

Dinner party

Your child is more than likely to have a number of toys with their own personalities.  Suppose your child’s favorite toy would like to have a dinner party with all of its friends.  You and your child can work together in coordinating who gets invited, where they should sit, and what they should eat.  Setting this up between family meal times can be a fun affair, as long as the toys’ event doesn’t run into the humans’ actual dinner time.





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