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The 50 Best Things To Write About For Kids

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The 50 Best Things To Write About For Kids

Writing is a skill that not all children love. Some children enjoy writing. The words just seem to come to them. Other children resist it like broccoli or cauliflower, an unwelcome task that is never pleasurable. Either way is perfectly okay. Not all children will enjoy writing. However, the more a child writes, the more their creative juices will start flowing. There are many benefits of writing for kids. So, whether your child loves to write or dreads it, you can encourage them to practice their writing skills with these fun ideas! Here are the best things to write about for kids.

Benefits Of Writing For Kids

When a child writes, there are many benefits. Writing requires immense concentration. If your child struggles with concentrating, sitting down to write may help them learn how to focus more positively. Writing also teaches your child better language skills. They will be opened up to a variety of colorful phrases and words, words that may help them narrate activities, situations, or scenarios more descriptively. 

Writing also cultivates creativity in children. It is true that the more a person writes, the more their creative juices will flow. Sometimes it is hard to get started, but once a person begins to write, typically, they will find the words, thoughts, and ideas come even quicker each time. 

When a child writes, they will also practice the skills of listening. This may seem like an odd benefit. Is it true that a child becomes a better listener with writing? It's true! They also become a better speaker. The reason is that they will be surrounded by rich language. When a child writes, they will learn to listen for new words, descriptive words, or colorful stories of another person. These stories will captivate their interest. Also, children will learn how to speak more clearly because their language selection will grow. 

Girl studying and writing
If you have a reluctant writer, there are different ways you can encourage them to continue to practice and try, even if it's slowly.

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What To Do If You Have A Reluctant Writer?

Do you have a reluctant writer? That is okay! Not all children enjoy writing. Trying to change them and make them love writing may only backfire. Instead, provide plenty of opportunities for your child to create their own stories.

The more a child is exposed to beautiful language, captivating stories, and interesting thoughts, the more they may desire to share their own. When this happens, you can provide perfect opportunities for your child to share their ideas, stories, and thoughts. They don't even have to write them down themselves. If your child resists writing, you could start by letting them dictate the story to you, and then you write it for them. 

You do not even have to write their story yourself. Sharing stories is a great way to encourage language skills and the love of narratives. Eventually, your child may want to start writing the stories down themselves, and just like that, you have provided a door for your child to walk through when it comes to writing. 

How To Encourage Your Reluctant Writer

There are many ways to encourage your reluctant writer who may enjoy writing less than you think they should. For example, if your child doesn't like writing but loves to tell stories, give them leeway and let them dictate their stories to you while you write them down. After a while, you may notice that your child is more interested in writing their own stories down.

You can also write the short story for them and encourage your child to copy it on their paper. It's okay if they only write a sentence or two at first. Writing should be enjoyed, not forced. The more a reluctant child is forced to write, the less likely they are to love it. 

Another way to encourage your reluctant writer is to remind them they have very important and unique talents. Their talent may or may not be writing. However, they will never know what stories they have to share if they don't give it a try. They do not have to try to be someone they aren't. However, they may relish it if they take it slow and write about enjoyable subjects! 

Giving your children exciting topics to write about that they find interesting may be the very thing that ignites a spark they need to realize that “hey, writing is fun!” 

Below are 50 fun topics that may spark some interest in your kid. Share these topics with your child and watch them create a fantastic story they will want to share with everyone! 

50 Fun Things Your Child Can Write About Today

Your Favorite Day

Write about the best day that you have ever had! What did you do? Who were you with? What made it your favorite day? 

The Perfect Trip

Have you gone on a trip lately or even a few years ago? Write what that trip was, what made it perfect, and if you could return, would you redo anything about it? 

If You Could Change The World, How Would You Do It?

This world has impressive qualities, but it also has plenty of flaws. The wonderful thing about humans is that we all have unique intellect. What would you change about this world and why? What characteristics do you think need to exist to create a more extraordinary world?

If You Could Invent Anything, What Would It Be?

Create your invention! What would it be and why? 

If Your Pet Had A Superpower, What Would It Be?

We all love our pets and think they hung the moon! So what do you love about your pet? What would their superpower be, how would they use it, and why? 

Pomeranian dog with little girl
Our pets can be our best friends, and creating a superpower for them can be entertaining!

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Write A Letter To Your Hero

Who is your hero? What have they done to make the world or your life better? Write a letter thanking them for their actions and who they are, or explain why they are your hero. 

Write A Letter To Someone Who Lived in the Past

We all have someone from the past that we admire, did extraordinary things, or thought was pretty cool. Whether it's someone in your family, life, or someone famous who is no longer here, write a letter to them. Why do you admire this person? What did they do that you think was awesome? What would you say if you sat at the table across from them? 

Imagine You're A Superhero. What Would You Do?

Describe yourself as a superhero. What would your superpower be and why? How would you benefit and help change the world? 

Write About Your Favorite Pet And Why They Are Your Favorite

How many pets have you had? Which one is your favorite and why? What was their personality like? What made you adore them? 

Imagine Your Life Was A Video Game Or Cartoon

Picture yourself in a cartoon or a video game. What type of video game or cartoon would it be? Describe the surroundings. What is the purpose of the game or cartoon? How many people are there? Use your imagination and create an awesome video game or cartoon! 

Gamer celebrating a win
Video games can ignite a spark of creativity in children, and using them to encourage writing can be beneficial in many ways!


If You Were A Plant Which One Would You Pick And Why?

What is your favorite plant? There are so many to choose from! If you could be a plant, which one would you pick and why? 

Invent Your Mode Of Transportation

There are so many different ways to get around! We have so many modes of transportation, from trains, airplanes, and even horses. Invent your very own mode of transportation. How would it work, and what would you need to make it? 

Write A Letter to Your Future Self

Think about who you will be in 10 years or even 20 years. Picture your future self sitting across the table from you. What would you ask them? What would you want them to know? Write it all down in a letter! 

Make A Time Capsule And Describe What Life is Like Today

Time capsules are so fun to make! Create a time capsule, put a few things from your life into it, pictures and momentos, and then complete it with a letter describing what life is like in the year it is right now. 

Write A Letter To Your Great-Great-Grandchild Who Will Read It In 100 years. What Would You Tell Them?

Imagine your great-great-grandchild opening a letter 100 years from now. Describe what you are like as a child. What would you want your great-great-grandchild to know about your life? 

great grandma and grandson sitting in a park reading a book
It's a blessing to be able to spend time with great-grandparents. Hearing the words of a great-great-grandparent is very special!


What Do You Think Your Talent Is, And Why?

Everyone has a talent. What is yours? You may have a hidden talent. What could it be, and what are you going to do to explore what your talent is? 

How Are You Going To Use Your Talent In The Future?

Think about your talent and how you will use it in the future. For example, if you have a talent as a dancer, will you take dance classes and explore a career? If you have a knack for art, how can you use it to increase your skill, love, and more? 

Design Your Pair Of Shoes

Think about the different types of shoes in the world. You have high heels, crocks, tennis shoes, and many more! Design your pair of shoes. What material would they be made out of? What would the purpose be of these shoes? Describe the shoe design. Be as creative as you can be! 

Describe Your Favorite Family Day. What Would You Do, And Why Would It Be The Best Day?

Think about your favorite things to do as a family. For example, do you love to have picnics, go on walks, or even go to an amusement park? Then, describe what would be the best family day you can imagine! 

What Is Your Fondest Memory As A Child?

Think about when you were younger. What memories do you have? What is your favorite one? It could be a day with your family, picking out your pet, or even going to a park on a crisp spring day. Whatever it was, share what it was and why! 

Kids playing twister
Our memories are a great place to start when we want to ignite our creativity.


What Was The First Memory You Had As A Young Child?

Think back to when you were 3 or 4 or maybe even 5. What is the very first memory you can remember? Was it with your mom or dad? It could be meeting your best friend for the first time or walking through the kindergarten doors. Write down what it was! 

Write A Letter To The Person You Admire The Most, And Tell Them Why

Who do you admire? Is it your mom, grandma, or best friend? Write a letter to them and tell them why you admire them and what makes them unique! 

Write A Gratitude Letter For Someone 

Gratitude expressed helps us create positivity in our lives! Write a gratitude letter to someone who has done something for you. It could be for a friend who helped you study for a difficult test, or maybe your grandma for teaching you her delicious cheesecake recipe. Whoever it is, express gratitude in a letter that you give to them personally. 

Create Your Perfect Utopia 

Think about your perfect Utopia. What would be the characteristics of this Utopia? For example, are there a ton of people or very few? What are the rules of this Utopia, and what makes it perfect? 

Imagine You Lived 100 Years Ago, Then Write About It

How would life have been 100 years ago as a kid? What would be the same? What would be different?

little girl writing in orange book
Imagining life over 50 years ago can feel like a venture for children and get their creative juices flowing!

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Describe What You Think Your Mom Or Dad Was Like As A Kid

Think about your mom and dad and write about how they were as children. Use what you know and your imagination to create a version of your parents on paper. Then read it to them and see if you were right! 

How Do You Think School Was Like 50 Years Ago? What About 100? What Has Stayed the Same or different?

Think about school 50 years ago and 100 years ago. What did the kids do? What types of subjects did they take? Think about what was the same and what was different. Did they have recess and lunch? Do some research if you want! 

Write About A Protagonist That Lives On An Island By Themselves

Create a short story about a protagonist who has been dropped on an island alone. How does it change them? How do they survive? Do they even survive? Use your imagination and describe in detail what their life would be like! 

Create A Short Story About Your Superhero Pet

Think about the superhero pet you created earlier. Now create a short story about them where they are the hero saving a town from a terrible villain. What is their superpower, and how do they use it to save the city? 

If You Could Only Take Three Things On Vacation, What Would They Be And Why? 

You're going on vacation, but there is a catch. You can only bring three items with you! So, what are the three items you will bring and why. Think long and hard about it! 

It's tempting to bring everything with us on vacation, but narrowing it down to three things makes children use their critical thinking skills!

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Describe Your Perfect Day With Your Friends

Think about your friends and what you enjoy doing with them. Then describe what your perfect day with your friends would be. What would you do and why? 

Describe What The Perfect Day With Your Parents Would Be

Think about your parents and the perfect day with them! What do you love to do with them? Is it going to a baseball game or eating at a delicious restaurant? Describe in detail what the day would look like. 

What Has Been The Coolest Invention Ever Created?

There have been so many cool inventions over human existence, from electricity to the motor car. What do you think has been the coolest invention ever created, and why? Look up some little-known inventions to get your juices flowing! 

What Would Life Be Like If One Of Our Conveniences Didn't Exist – Electricity, Inside Bathrooms, Washers, And Dryers?

We live with many conveniences these days. What would our lives be like if we didn't have a car to drive in whenever we wanted to go somewhere or a refrigerator to keep our food cold? Expand on many different conveniences. 

What Do You Think Has Been The Worst Invention?

Go back to all the inventions you know about and write about the worst invention. Why do you think it was not a good invention? 

STEAM robot
Inventions are amazing! Thinking about the best and worst and even coming up with their own is a great way to stretch your child's mind.

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Describe Your Perfect Vacation

If you are going on vacation, what would be the perfect one? Is it at the beach or a cabin in the woods? Describe what you would do and what would make it perfect. 

What Do You Think Is The Coolest Animal Alive, And Why?

Many incredible animals live in the world today. So, which one is the coolest and why?

If You Could Have Any Talent, What Would It Be And Why?

Humans are great and possess amazingly great talents! What talent would you want to possess, and what would you do with it? 

What Would Be Your Ideal Career When You Are Grown?

Think about the career you want when you grow up. There are so many incredible careers that we can have! Which one do you think is the coolest and why? 

If You Could Live 50 Years In The Past Or 50 Years In The Future, Which Would You Choose And Why?

You have to pick whether or not you want to live 50 years in the past or 50 years in the future. What would be the pros and cons of each? Which one would you pick? 

Thinking about how life has changed or will change is a great creative exercise for children.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Friend?

Being a friend can be challenging! So, what do you think makes a good friend? 

What Do You Look For In A Friend?

When picking who to be friends with, what do you look for? What qualities do you want them to possess, like being a good listener or making you laugh? Which ones are less desirable? 

Who Has Been Your Best Friend To You, And Why?

Think about your best friend. Why are they your best friend, and what have they done to bring joy to your life? 

What Are The Most Important Qualities A Person Should Possess, And Why?

What do you think are the most important qualities a person should have? For example, should they be honest or have integrity? You may believe a person should be humorous or helpful. Whatever you think, write it down! 

Create Your Insect

Bugs can scare people, but they can also be super cool! If you could create your insect, what would it look like? What would your insect be able to do, what would be its predators, and why?

Insect sitting on a log
Insects can be fun to write about because there are so many different ones!


Design Your Own Country

Countries are pretty awesome! There are so many around our world. Design your own country. How would the citizens rule themselves? What would be the laws? Be as creative as you can be. 

Write About The Laws That Are Around The World Today 

Look up a list of laws. Which one do you believe is the most important? Which law do you think is the most useless one? 

What Is The Coolest Career? Why?

There are so many extraordinary careers in the world today. Which ones are the coolest? Why? 

If Your Pet Could Talk To You, What Do You Think They Would Say?

Pretend you are having a conversation with your pet. What do you think they would say? What would you say? 

If You Could Tell Yourself Anything When You Were Younger, What Would It Be And Why?

Think back to a few years ago. What would you tell yourself when you were younger? Would you give yourself advice about a friend? Would you encourage yourself to work toward a goal? Whatever it would be, write it down! 

Reflecting on our lives and what we would change or tell ourselves when we were younger can help a child become more self-aware.


In Conclusion

There are so many outstanding topics that your child can write about! So, whether they love to write or are more reluctant, you can still choose one of these 50 fun topics and watch them flourish in their creativity! 

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