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Kids Will Love These Free Valentine Coloring Pages


Kids Will Love These Free Valentine Coloring Pages

These free Valentine coloring pages allow your child to color in cupids, hearts, and Valentine bows to their heart's content. The Valentines coloring pages that you'll find below will let your little Valentine make beautiful Valentine's pictures for their dad, mom, grandparents and friends – they will have a lot of fun giving all of that love with their Valentine coloring pages.

When you find the Valentine coloring pages your little heart desires:

1) Select Print on your browser for the Valentine coloring page you want for your child. Select the full page option.

2) When you have finished printing the free Valentine coloring pages you want, close the windows.

Other Activities for Your Child to Do On a Rainy Day

When the weather is bad outside, your child may be at a loss for what to do. Coloring is a fun use of their time, but eventually they'll want other things to do. We've got some ideas for you here to help them have fun on even the boring days.

Have them make a movie. If you have an old phone, tablet, or camera on hand that you don't mind them using, give it to your kids to use to make a movie. Have them make costumes out of what they have in their closets, or whatever they can find around the house! Help them come up with a story and a basic script. Then, let them film it! If you don't want to let your kids handle the camera, you can always film it for them. This is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Have them lend you a hand with baking. Want to make some cookies or brownies? Have your kids give you a hand! This is a great way to keep them busy, while teaching them important life skills. Depending on their age, your kids can help you mix, separate the dough into individual cookies, or help you move the mixture into or out of the oven. Make sure your kids understand kitchen safety before having them help you in the kitchen.

Have them turn basic household items into cool crafts. Before you throw away that toilet paper roll or that extra paper plate you don't need, give it to your kids for a craft! There are plenty of cool art pieces they can make out of these simple items. Look around your house to see if there's anything else they can work with that you don't mind losing. Anything disposable works great; that way, you aren't losing anything of value. Your kids will enjoy being able to go to town with their creations!

Have your kids write letters to their future selves. This is a fun one to do with slightly older children. Have your children write letters to themselves in the future. Generally, these letters are written to be opened at either the end of 8th grade or the end of high school. Let your child pick which one they'd prefer, or have them write letters for both. If your child is unsure of what to write, have them write out their hopes for their future self, or some advice they have for them. Or, have them write about what they think the world will be like at that time!

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