From Edme, which means wise protector, to Myla, which means soldier, this list of girl names that mean protector is filled with a variety of unique and intriguing options. Explore the list and select the best option for your brave and courage-filled daughter!

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  • Arminda Arminda is a Latin American name that means “protector of mankind.” It is a striking name that adds a bit of exoticness to a girls' first name.
  • Bellatrix – Bellatrix has Latin origins and translates to “female warrior.” The name was made popular by the Harry Potter which has a character of the same name. Cute nicknames for Bellatrix are Bella, Belle, and Trixie.
  • AlessandraAlessandra is an Italian girls' name that means “protector.” Popular nicknames for Alessandra include Sandy, Sandra, and Alice. An alternative to Alessandra is Alessia.
  • Gertrude Gertrude is an old-fashioned girls' name with German origins. The name translates to “spear” or “strength.” It is a common name and was made popular by author Gertrude Stein. Nicknames for Gertrude include Gerry and Trudy.
  • Kendra Kendra is an English name that means “royal power.” It's a girly version of the name Kenneth.
  • Kendria Kendria is a less common alternative to Kendra. Kendria is also an English origin name that translates to “royal and wise protector.”
  • Anevaeh Anevaeh is a noble girls' name that means “protector.” In modern times, Anevaeh has been shortened to Nevaeh, which is heaven spelled backwards. Both versions give off “protector” vibes for beautiful little girls.
  • MeredithMeredith means “protector of the sea.” It is a Celtic name with mythological vibes. Popular nicknames for Meredith include Mere and Merry.
  • Marcella – Marcella is a German girls' name that means “warlike.” The name was made more popular by the TV series Marcella. Great nicknames for Marcella include Marcy and Ella.
  • Deandra Deandra means “protector of mankind.” It is an American origin name.
  • MatildaMatilda is a German girls' name that translates to “battle-mighty.” It is an old-fashioned name that rose in popularity thanks to a Roald Dahl's book of the same name.
  • Diamond Diamond is a girly Irish name. The name translates to “protector.”
  • Edme Edme means “wise protector.” It is a Scottish origin name.
  • LexiLexi means “defender of man.” It is a Greek origin name and a common nickname for those named Alexus or Alexis.
  • MylaMyla is a German origin name. In English, it translates to “soldier” or “merciful.”
  • Mina Mina translates to mean “protector.” It is a Dutch origin name.
  • Ritza Ritza means “defender of man” in Greek. It is a common first and middle name.
  • Rosetta Rosetta means “noted protector” in German. It is related to Rosetta Stone, which is an ancient artifact that historians use to unravel Egyptian hieroglyphs.
  • Rosabella Rosabella is a beautiful, uncommon girls' name in the United States. It has German origins and means “noted protector.” Great nicknames for girls named Rosabella include Rosa and Bella.
  • SandraSandra translates to “protector of men” in English. It is a Greek origin name and made popular by American actress Sandra Bullock.
  • Sezia Sezia is a strong Russian name. In translates to “protector.”
  • JuneJune is a strong female name meaning “protector of women.” It is an old-fashioned name that is perfect for parents looking for a protective name for their June babies.
  • Dealla Dealla is an uncommon name for baby girls that means “protector.” It is an Irish name. A great nickname for babies named Dealla include Ella.
  • RamonaRamona is a Spanish origin name with an exotic ring to it. In English, it translates to “wise protector.”

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