This list of girl names that mean defender is filled with a wonderful variety of feminine names. Options like Lexi, which means “defender of mankind;” Ritza, which means “protector of man;” and Sandra, which means “protector of humanity” all have a unique vibe while simultaneously paying homage to the honor of defense. Peruse all of these options to find the best name for your daughter.

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  • Azmina The name Azmina is unusual and soothing. It has Spanish origin and means “God protector.”
  • MylaMyla is a beautiful name for girls. It means “soldier or merciful” and has German origins. Girls named Myla are said to be friendly, outgoing, and strong-minded.
  • LexiThe name Lexi is cute and modern. It is not overly used but not uncommon. The name means “defender of mankind.” It is of Greek origin.
  • Sanyi This cute name for girls means “defender of man.” It has Greek and Hungarian origins.
  • Elda Meaning “wise or prudent advisor,” the name Elda is of Anglo-Saxon origin. Girls named Elda are respectful, mysterious, and independent.
  • Ritza Ritza means “protector of man.” The name has a Greek origin. Girls named Ritza are said to share the lucky number 11.
  • AlexisThis name for girls is very common in the US. It's been on the Top 50 baby names since 1990. It means “defending” and has a French origin.
  • Hamia The name Hamia is unique. It is the Arabic word for protector. Not only is this name unique, but it also sounds sweet and rolls off the tongue.
  • Edorta An unusual name for girls, Edorta means “wealthy protector.” It has a Basque origin.
  • SashaThe name Sasha means “defender, helper of mankind.” The name is heroic and fun and comes of German origin.
  • Ziga The name Ziga means “victorious defender.” It has a Hungarian origin. This name is cute and easy to spell and pronounce.
  • MylaThis beautiful name for girls is sweet and powerful. It means “solider or merciful” and comes from Norman French origin. It is the feminine version of the name Milo and Myles.
  • AlexaAlexa is the feminine version of the name Alex. It means “defender of mankind” and has a Greek origin. It is also the name of Amazon's virtual assistant technology.
  • Elda This old-fashioned name for girls means “wise or prudent advisor.” It is of Anglo-Saxon origin.
  • Malin The name Malin means “strong, little warrior.” It is a cute girl's name of German origin.
  • Bellatrix You won't hear the name Bellatrix often. It is of Latin origin and means “female warrior.”
  • Cahira A beautiful, soft-spoken name for girls, Cahira means “warrior.” This name has Irish background.
  • SandraMeaning “protector of humanity,” Sandra is of Greek origin and a form of the name Alexandros. The name is not as popular today as it was in the 1960s, but a name you are sure to hear.
  • HildaThe name Hilda means “battle woman.” It is of German origin and you hear it somewhat often. It is not as popular in the US but still used in the UK.
  • Aasritha This cute name is somewhat difficult to pronounce and spell but becomes easier with time. It is a great name choice for girls of Indian origin. The name means “giving protection.”
  • Allesandra Another version of the masculine name Alexander, the name Allesandra means “defender of mankind” and has a Greek origin.
  • Sezia — The name Sezia has three syllables. The name means “protector” and has Russian origins. Sezia is a beautiful and uncommon name choice.
  • Alemana The name Alemana means “warrior” and has Hebrew origin. It is an uncommon name that is strong and enduring for a girl.
  • Elvy The name Elvy is cute and simple. It has an Irish origin and means “the elf warrior.” Parents who want a fun name for their daughters should consider this name.
  • Eferhild Meaning “Bear or warrior maiden,” This name for girls is rare. It is of English origin.
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