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Though the vocabulary term autumn has been around for decades to describe the fall season, the use of the word as a name is relatively new. Autumn just became popular as a given name in the 1960s. It is a great option if you want a unique name to describe your new baby. Here are some more interesting things to consider about the baby name Autumn.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Autumn:

The name Autumn literally comes from the Latin word autumnus, which was first meant to describe the season that is more commonly known as the fall. Others have heard this original Latin term as auctumnus, which has a background from the word auctus, which means to increase. Though the Latin background is the most common origin, the word also comes from the Old French form of the word autumne or automne. Parents in the 1960s truly understood just how beautiful the name of the season could be for their beautiful daughters.

Symbolism of the Name Autumn:

As the name Autumn represents the season of the fall, it is actually the most popular season name given to a child. The name autumn comes with an idea of something unique, of something colorful, and of positive change that is to come.

Nicknames for the Name Autumn:

Coming up with a great nickname for Autumn may leave you stumped! Fortunately, we're here to help with our picks for the best Autumn nicknames. Check them out:

  • Fall
  • Tom
  • Autie
  • Audie
  • Auts
  • Auddy
  • Toni 
  • Auds
  • Auty
  • Tum
  • Tummy
  • Tommy 
  • Autu
  • Aut
  • Leaves
  • Fally
  • Falls
  • Tumna
  • Tumny
Baby name Autumn


Style of the Baby Name Autumn:

The style of the baby name Autumn is very new age.

Gender of Autumn:

The baby name Autumn is primarily a female name.

Pronunciation of Autumn:


Number of Syllables in Autumn:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Autumn:

The name Autumn feels wholesome, quirky, and even natural.

Alternative Spellings of Autumn:

Autum, Autym, Autem

Popularity of the Name Autumn:

Starting in the year 1960 until the year 1971, Autumn was on the top 200 list according to the Social Security Index. In 1972, however, it really took off- until 2007, when it was within the top 100 baby names. As of the year 2022, Autumn ranks at number 71.

Great Middle Names for Autumn and Their Meanings:

  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Claire (bright, clear)
  • Elise (God oath, pledged to God)
  • Hazel (the hazelnut tree)
  • Joy (great pleasure, happiness)
  • Nora (light)
  • Rayne (strong counselor, queen)
  • Skye (place name, sky)
  • Violet (purple/blue flower)

Famous People with the Name Autumn:

  • Autumn Reeser (actress, “The O.C.”)
  • Autumn Shields (actress, “Inhale”)
  • Autumn Miller (dancer, influencer)
  • Autumn de Wilde (photographer)
  • Autumn Daly (Reality TV star)

The Name Autumn in Pop Culture:

  • Autumn (character in 500 Days of Summer)
  • Autumn Herbert (sister in The Missing Girl)
  • Autumn (character in smartphone game “High School Story”)
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