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Nora began as a nickname for two separate names from two distinct countries. These two names are Honora from Ireland and Eleanor from Hungary. The name now stands out on its own with adorable nicknames and a place on the top 50 list.

Meaning and Origin of the name Nora:

Nora is a sweet girl's name that has Irish and Hebrew origins meaning “honor” or “light.”

The baby name Nora began as a nickname for the traditional Irish name Honora, which comes from the Latin word honorius (meaning “honored one”), or the Hungarian name Eleanor (meaning “shining light”). Now, Nora is a stand-alone first name. The name retained the meaning of each of these names, however. It became increasingly popular in the 19th century due to the play “A Doll's House” by Henrik Ibsen.

Symbolism of the name Nora:

The meaning of the name Honora is honor, which is why the name Nora is given this meaning in the Irish culture. If you listen to the origin story from Hungary, however, the name comes from Eleanor, which means light.

Nicknames for the name Nora:

Nora is one of those unique names that started as a nickname but became a beloved first name. Even though it started as a nickname, Nora has several options for its own nicknames. We compiled the list below of nicknames to aid you in your search for the perfect nickname for your little girl.

  • Nor
  • Nory
  • No-No
  • Rah
  • Nonie
  • Norie
  • Ora 
  • Aura
Baby name Nora

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Style of the name Nora:


Gender of the name Nora:

Nora is a baby name exclusively used by females.

Pronunciation of the name Nora:

NAWR-e or NO-ra

Number of syllables in the name Nora:


Emotion evoked from the name Nora:

The baby name Nora is very feminine and sweet. It is simple yet feels natural.

Alternative spellings for the name Nora:

  • Norah
  • Noara

Popularity of the name Nora:

As of 2020, the baby name Nora is number 30 for girls. This name has been on the top 50 list since 2014 though. It was only on the top 100 list for a year before that in 2013 at number 82. The name Nora rose in popularity quickly, as prior to 2013, in recent years, it was barely on the top 200 list.

Great middle names for Nora and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Nora:

  • Nora Ephron (film director, “Sleepless in Seattle”)
  • Nora Kuzma (actress, “Cry-Baby”)
  • Nora Eddington (actress, “Cruise of the Zaca”)
  • Nora Salinas (actress, “Esmeralda”)
  • Nora O'Brien (actress, “Parenthood”)
  • Nora Roberts (author, “Year One”)
  • Nora Allen (character in DC comics)
  • Nora Fries (character in DC comics)
  • Nora Baker (character in “Cheaper by the Dozen”)
  • Nora Clark (character in “Step Up”)
  • Nora Dearly (character in “Dearly, Departed” series)
  • Nora Durst (character in “The Leftovers”)
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