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The name Aurora has a fascinating origin from the Roman Goddess of dawn. In art, she appears as a winged goddess or in a chariot drawn by four horses. She has a brother (Sol, meaning the sun) and a sister (Luna, meaning the moon). Her four sons were known as the four winds (east, west, south, and north). In one story, her tears caused the dew, shed over the loss of one of her sons, as she flew across the sky. In another story, she asked Zeus to grant one of her husbands immortality but didn't ask for youth. When he grew old, she turned him into a grasshopper. Shakespeare refers to her in his play, Romeo and Juliet. There is also something called Aurora's spell. This is where you find a flower bed on May Day, face the east, and use your hands to feel the morning dew. Then you say:

“Aurora’s nectar, radiant dew

Blessed by the morning light so new

As the sun shines in the skies

May my beauty light my lover’s eyes.

So shall it be.


Here are some other interesting things about the baby name Aurora.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Aurora:

The origin is Latin. Aurora is a feminine gender baby name that was named after the Roman Goddess of dawn in Roman mythology and Latin poetry. In Roman mythology, Aurora renews herself every morning and flies across the sky to announce the arrival of the sun. Aurora was occasionally a name to give during the Renaissance, but recently became very popular over the past 10 to 20 years. The name means “dawn” in Latin and “princess or noble lady” in Hebrew.

Symbolism of the Name Aurora:

This mystical and romantic baby name is commonly symbolic of the sky. The name Aurora means dawn and is also the name of natural light displays such as the aurora Polaris, the aurora borealis, and the aurora australis. The Roman Goddess, Aurora, is the goddess of dawn, known for welcoming the sun into the sky.

Nicknames for the Name Aurora:

If you're interested in picking Aurora for your daughter, you'll want to know about the nicknames that can go with it. Check out our list:

Baby name Aurora


Style of the Name Aurora:

New age, because Aurora has been a name for a while, but has just recently become popular. While it wasn't completely unknown in the Renaissance period, it just became really popular in the past ten to twenty years.

Gender of the Name Aurora:

Female. There are no male gender versions for Aurora.

Pronunciation of the Name Aurora:


Number of Syllables in the Name Aurora:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Aurora:

The name Aurora conveys mystique and romantic emotions.

Alternative Spellings for Aurora:

Arora, Aurorah, Ororo

Popularity of the Name Aurora:

The name Aurora ranks 31st in popularity in 2022.

Amora, Anora, Alora, Annora, Adora, Nora, Dora, Laura, Lora, Aura, Norah, Zora, Maura, Cora, Kora, Noura, Georgia, Amirah, Coral, Amira

Great Middle Names for Aurora and Their Meaning:

  • Anne (grace)
  • Dawn (light, daybreak)
  • Eve (living)
  • Jane (gracious/merciful)
  • Rose (the flower, rose)
  • Sage (herb, prophet)
  • Willow (willow tree, freedom)

Famous People with the Name Aurora:

  • Aurora Browne, Canadian actress, and comedian
  • Aurora Clavel (born 1936), a Mexican film and television actress
  • Aurora Straus, American racecar driver
  • Aurora Robles (born 1980), Mexican supermodel
  • Aurora Mira (1863–1939), Chilean painter
  • Aurora Miranda (1915–2005), a Brazilian entertainer
  • Aurora Robson (born 1972), Canadian-American artist
  • Aurora Carlson (born 1987), a television presenter and China scholar
  • Aurora Galli (born 1996), an Italian soccer player
  • Aurora Mikalsen, Norwegian soccer goalkeeper

Auroras in Pop Culture:

  • Aurora, a character in Marvel Comics' Alpha Flight
  • Aurora, the title character in Anne-Cath. Vestly's Aurora series for children (1966–1972)
  • Aurora (Disney), a princess from the Disney film Sleeping Beauty, which is the most famous name.
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