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Los Angeles’ Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

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Los Angeles’ Top Baby Names For 2023: Revealed

Each year, the list of most popular names is released for the country and each state. Most of the top names in each state are also a top name in the country! But today, we will take another look at popular regional names for Los Angeles. Let's cover Los Angeles' top baby names for girls and boys, and learn more about their meaning and origin.

Top Girl Names


The name Maeve has Irish origin and has started gaining popularity over the last few years. It is believed to come from the name Medb, an Old Irish name that means “she who rules” or “the intoxicating one.” This name also appears in Irish mythology. The Queen of Connacht was named Maeve, and she was the queen of fairies.

Maeve started rising in popularity around the late 1990s. Each year, it has continued to climb. In 2013, it broke into the top 500 names, then the top 300 in 2019. 2023 was the first year that the name Maeve broke into the top 100 in America. Since 1880, approximately 18,000 people have been named Maeve in the United States.


Luxury, most often used as a girl's name, means “opulence” and “extravagance.” Although mostly used for girls, this is a unisex name and is also used for boys. It is believed to have a Latin origin. This name is often used as a full name to use the nickname Luxe. Luxury started making its way onto the popularity charts in 2022 and has continued to grow ever since.


The name Aurelia is Latin and means “the golden one.” It is the female variation of the names Aurelian and Arelius. Arelius can be traced back to ancient Rome when it was used as a surname. It is commonly known and connected to Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor. With a rich history, the name Aurelia represents enduring ideals, intellect, knowledge, and reason.

In 2002, Aurelia had just broken into the top 1,000 names at 980. In 2023, it worked its way up to the top 500 at 427th most popular name. Since 1880, approximately 15,000 people have been named Aurelia in the United States.


The name Isla is believed to have Scottish origin as it is the name of one of the Scottish islands. The island Islay is also known as the”Queen of Hebrides.” There are legends and folklore stories surrounding Islay. It is believed that a Danish Princess who was traveling had an apron full of stones. During her journey, some of the stones fell out and formed the islands of Ireland and Scotland. The islands were then named by the princess.

Isla is the female variation of the male names Ilay and Islay. These names were not as popular, but Isla gained a lot of popularity not only in America but Scotland, Wales, England, New Zealand, and Australia. It was in the top 1,000 names in 1905 but didn't really hit the top charts until the 2010s. It was in the top 500 in 2010 and then the top 200 in 2013. In 2018, it was in the top 100 names in the United States, and then in the top 50 in 2020. Since 1880, approximately 36,000 people have been named Isla in the U.S.


The name Aurora has Latin origins. It is a romantic and mystical name meaning “dawn.” This name also refers to the Aurora Borealis, the light display in the North Pole. Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn. She was sister to Helios and Selene, the sun god and the moon goddess. Aurora was known to ride across the sky each morning to sprinkle dew before her brother Helios rode with the sun.

Aurora has continued to rise in popularity since the early 2000s. In 2015 it broke into the top 100 names and then later into the top 50 in 2018. This name will likely continue to rise as it is a celestial/cottagecore name, which is very popular right now.

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Common sibling names that pair well with Aurora include Camilla, Stella, Philip, and Paul.


Top Boy Names


The name Soren is of Danish origin. Soren means “strict,” “stern,” and “severe.” This name is derived from the word Severus, which is Latin and means stern. Although this name is mostly used as a boy's name, it does have a female variation, Sorine. This name is commonly known from Soren Kierkegaard, the Danish philosopher known for his work in the philosophy of existentialism.

Although this name is popular in Los Angeles, in the U.S., it has yet to break into the 1,000 names. Since 1992, it has been steadily rising from the 6,427th spot. Since then, it was recorded to be the 1,027th name in 2022. So, needless to say, this name will likely keep growing and be seen in the top charts soon. Since 1880, approximately 9,000 people have been named Soren in the U.S.


The name Atticus has Latin origin. This name translates literally to “from Attica” but also means “rugged coast.” This name is commonly connected to Titus Pompanius Atticus. Titus was a friend of the philosopher Cicero. Cicero and Titus were very close. Cicero dedicated his work “Treatises on Friendship” to Titus.

Atticus started gaining popularity in the 2010s. It broke into the top 1,000 names in 2011 at 964th most popular name. Each year, it has continued to move up in the ranks and has come close to breaking into the top 500 in 2021 and 2022. In the United States, approximately 13,000 people have been named Atticus since 1880.


The name Silas is a spelling variation of the name Silus. It has Latin origin and means “God or man of the forest.” This name is derived from the Latin name Silvanus, which means “forest” or “wood.” Silvanus was the name of the Roman God in charge of the countryside. Before Silvanus became a God, he was the protector of land that was uncultivated. He loved it when trees grew wild in abandon.

Silas has recently become more popular. Often, names become popular when famous people carry them. There is Silas Roberston and Silas Mitchell who are both TV actors. Also, Justin Timberlake and his wife named their son Silas Timberlake. Silas hit the top 500 in 2010 and has continued to rise. It is not far off from breaking into the top 100. Since 1880, approximately 59,000 people have been named Silas in the United States.


The name Felix has a Latin origin. This name means “fortunate” and “happy.” It has been dated back to the first century B.C. It's also connected to several popes and the New Testament. Felix has been a popular name for centuries, most commonly in Africa and North and South America. This name was used for the famous cartoon Felix the Cat in the 1950s.

Felix started seeing a steady rise in popularity starting in 2006 when it was in the top 1,000 at 813th most popular name. Since then, it rose and broke into the top 500 in 2016. It is currently the 351st most popular name in the country. Since 1880, approximately 76,000 people have been named Felix in the United States.

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Common sibling names that pair well with Theodore include Eleanor, Margaret, Oliver, and Benjamin.

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The name Theodore has Greek origin. It comes from the Greek word Theos, which means “gift, “God-given,” and “a gift from God.” Because of its favorable and divine meaning, this name was very common during the Middle Ages. Before the Bible and Jesus, many philosophers, inventors, rulers, and mathematicians were named Theodore.

Theodore has been in the top charts for years. It has regularly been in and out of the top 500 and top 100 names. In the last ten years, it has stayed popular in the top 100 and was even the 23rd most popular name in 2020. Just two years later, it broke into the top 20 names. Since 1880, 271,000 people have been named Theodore in the United States.

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