From Anastasia to Kit to Chloe and beyond, each of these girl names that mean change is feminine and unique. Peruse the options below, and find the perfect name for your daughter.

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  • Abhinavi Abhinavi is an Indian name for baby girls. The word translates to always new and shows parents that their little girl will bring changes to their lives.
  • Alba Alba is a name found in both Spain and Italy. It stands for the changes seen at dawn or sunrise.
  • Amaryllis Amaryllis is a type of flower found in parts of South Africa. When used as a name, Amaryllis represents the fresh and new changes seen as the flower grows.
  • AnastasiaThe name Anastasia has Russian roots. It was the name of a former princess who appeared as a character in several films. Anastasia also means rebirth or resurrection.
  • Ashnah Ashnah is a girl's name that first appeared in the Bible. This name literally translates to change.
  • AuroraThe Greeks used Aurora to describe the beautiful changes seen at dawn. Aurora is also the name of a popular Disney princess.
  • Aviva Found in the Hebrew culture, Aviva means fresh and new. Asiva can remind parents of how much their lives changed when they had a daughter.
  • Beeja Beeja is an old name found in the Hindi culture. This name represents a change or new beginning.
  • Chae-Won Chae-Won is a name that comes from Korea and means the changing of the day. Many parents use it in honor of a popular Korean actress.
  • Chava In the Hebrew culture, Chava was the name given to Eve who was the first woman. It shows the changes that she brought to the world.
  • ChloeChloe is a Greek name that relates to the green and young shoots on a plant. This name shows how the plant changed and appeared in the Left Behind religious book series.
  • DawnDawn is both a girl's name and a term that describes the early morning hours. It became more popular in the 80 due to the character of the same name in The Babysitters Club series of books.
  • Kit Though often used as a nickname, Kit is also a full name that relates to the hopeful feelings associated with changes. This name has Greek origins.
  • Navika Used in parts of India, Navika is an unusual girl's name. Navika means a person or item that is new.
  • Odoti Odoti is a Gujarati word that means dawn. This name shows the changing of the day.
  • OrianaOriana means dawn and the beginning of a new day. Also spelled Orianna, the name has ancient Latin origins.
  • Primrose Primrose is the English name of a beautiful flower. The English use this term to mean a new rose, which was a change to the flowers they usually saw.
  • Roxana Alexander the Great brought fame to this name when he married a woman named Roxana. Roxana has Persian roots and stands for the bright changes associated with a new day.
  • Roxanne This name appeared in a hit song and multiple films. Roxanne has Persian roots and can relate to the sun as well as sunrise and the changing of the day.
  • Sahar Sahar comes from an Arabic term that means the hours before dawn. This name usually represents the changes that happen in the early morning.
  • Signe Scandanavians use this name when talking about a new victory and how it changed their lives. Some also spell Signe as Signie.
  • Wahuji Found in both Urdu and Muslim cultures, Wahuji is a girl's name. The name means the beginning of a new day.
  • Wynonna Wynonna is an old Sioux term that Native Americans used for the first daughter a family had. Several celebrities also have this name.
  • Zelinka Zelinka is a common Chez name. It can stand for the beginning of the day or a change that occurs.
  • Zerlina Fans of American literature know Zerlina because of author Zerlina Maxwell. The name stands for beautiful dawn and how the day changes.

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