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Kayla may have Yiddish or Irish roots, but many baby name experts agree it was born from the name “Kay” in the United States. Either way, a character from the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” Kayla Brady, helped it make its way to the top 20 baby names of the 1990s. While it has fallen back on the list several spots since then, it remains beloved just like other many names that end in “A” — think Ava, Olivia and Isabella.

Meaning of the Name Kayla

No one knows exactly what the origin of the name Kayla is, but there are some ideas floating around. Many believe it's a modern American name derived from “Kay,” which means “pure.” Some say it's derived from the Yiddish name “Kaila,” which meant “crown of laurel.” Others say it's from the Irish name “Keela,” which means “slender or beautiful.”

Many people believe Kayla is derived from “Kalia,” which means “crown of laurel.” A laurel crown or wreath is often used to symbolize victory and success and has been a part of the Olympic tradition since the days of the Ancient Greeks.

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Nicknames for Kayla

Kayla evokes the image of a beautiful woman who is pure and sweet. For such a sweet and joyous person, it's hard to resist a good nickname. Feel free to come up with your own that is unique to the Kayla in your life. However, we've compiled a list of nicknames to get you started:

Kayla Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: Kayla is traditionally a girls name.

Pronunciation: KAY-lah

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Kayla

  • Kaela
  • Kaila
  • Kaylla

Kayla Name Popularity

Kayla first name the list of top baby girl names in the United States in 1979, and it's remained there ever since. As of 2020, it ranked at number 217, according to the Social Security Administration.

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Great Middle Names for Kayla and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Kayla

  • Kayla Williams (soldier and author)
  • Kayla Clarke (swimmer)
  • Kayla Pederson (basketball player)
  • Kayla Reeves (musician)
  • Kayla Ewell (actress)
  • Kayla Brady (character on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”)
  • Kayla Huntington (character on the TV show “Desperate Housewives”)
  • Kayla (character on the TV show “Whatever After”)
  • Kayla (character in the movie “Carpool”)
  • Kayla Vance (character on the TV show “NCIS”)
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