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Katherine as a baby name dates back to the fourth century at least in ancient Greece. It was a popular name that some say was associated with classical Greek mythology while others say was most associated with the name Katharos and the Christian church. The name, despite this long history, is still seen in many forms, and many spelling variations have originated for it including the popular options Kathryn and Catherine.

Meaning and Origin of the name Katherine:

Katherine is an elegant girl's name of Greek origin meaning “pure.”

The baby name Katherine has a diverse origin story. It could come from the Greek name Aikaterine which was influenced by the Greek word katharos (meaning “pure”). Katherine could also have originated from the Greek name Hekaterine, which comes from the Greek word hekateros (meaning “each of two”). This name could also have been derived from the Greek goddess Hecate (the goddess of magic, the night, and the moon). Some even say that it comes from a Greek word that is aikia (meaning “torture”). No matter the origins, the early Christian church spread this name through the Greek word katharos which means pure. The first individual to spread the name was a saint in the fourth century who was tortured for Christianity and whose story was told by crusaders.

Baby name Katherine


Symbolism of the name Katherine:

Katherine is one of the oldest baby names in existence as it goes back to ancient Greece in the fourth century. The meaning that is “pure” helps to give this name its sense of regality and purpose. Though the origin is diverse, it is the Christian church with the importance of holiness who helped to spread it.

Nicknames for the name Katherine:

Katherine is a very elegant sounding name. The nicknames for Katherine are cute and fun in comparison to the full name. Below is a list of nicknames you can use for your baby named Katherine.

Style of the name Katherine:


Gender of the name Katherine:

Katherine is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Katherine:

KATH-e-rin or KATH-rin

Number of syllables in the name Katherine:

Two or three depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Katherine:

Katherine is a baby name with a lot of maturity and regality. It feels serious, sophisticated, and noble.

Alternative spellings for the name Katherine:

Popularity of the name Katherine:

The baby name Katherine was on the top 100 list until the year 2016. It was even on the top 50 list from the years 1977 to 2008. As of 2017, however, the name is on the top 200 list and ranked at number 135 in 2020.

Great middle names for Katherine and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Katherine:

  • Katherine Beckett (character on “Castle”)
  • Katherine Freemont (character in “Exodus”)
  • Katherine Solomon (character in “The Lost Symbol”)
  • Katherine Forman (character on “That 70's Show”)
  • Katherine (character in Shakepeare's “Henry V”)
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