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Jennifer is one of the powerhouse baby names of the 1970’s and 80’s and sat at #1 for 14 years. Since 2010 Jennifer has fallen in popularity and sits at #434 as of 2020. Jennifer is much less popular than its cousin Guinevere.

Meaning of the name Jennifer:

English (Cornish): white shadow or phantom, white wave, fair, blessed

Origin of the name Jennifer:

Jennifer is the Cornish variation of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar and a cousin of the French name Guinevere. Jennifer might mean “white shadow or phantom”, “white wave”, or “fair, blessed’.

Symbolism of the name Jennifer:

The color white has been connected to purity in many cultures. The ancient Celts believed that white was a symbol of divinity and the gods.

Style of the name Jennifer:


Gender of the name Jennifer:

Jennifer is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Jennifer:

JEHN-i-fər (English), JEH-ni-fu (German)

Number of syllables in the name Jennifer:


Emotion evoked from the name Jennifer:

Jennifer evokes feelings of hard work and determination.

Alternative spellings for the name Jennifer:

Jennyfer, Gennifer, Jinnifer

Nicknames for the name Jennifer:

Popularity of the name Jennifer:

According to the Social Security Administration, Jennifer is a baby girl’s name that sat at #1 from 1970 to 1984. It has significantly dropped in popularity since 2010.

Related names for the name Jennifer:

Great middle names for the name Jennifer and their meanings:

  • Tully (flood, peaceful, or hill)
  • Sera (princess)
  • Samara (under God's rule, night conversation)
  • Hana (grace, flower)
  • Mina (child of the red earth)
  • Lana (rock)
  • Blair (dweller on the plain)
  • Avery (ruler of the elves)

Famous people with the name Jennifer:

Jennifer in popular culture:

  • Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey (television, “Gossip Girl”)
  • Jennifer “J.J” Jareau (television, “Criminal Minds”)
  • Miss Jennifer Honey (literature/film, “Matilda”)
  • Jennifer Parker (film, “Back to the Future” series)
  • Jennifer Check (film, “Jennifer's Body”)