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Most Popular Baby Names in 2004

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Most Popular Baby Names in 2004

Jacob, Michael, and Joshua topped the three most popular 2004 boys' names, but this shouldn't surprise anyone who knows a little name history. Michael was the most popular name of the 20th century, while Jacob and Joshua each rank decently well among the baby boy names given to newborns each year.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2004

Emily, Emma, and Madison are the top three most popular 2004 girls' names, but like the most popular boys' names, these favorites have been a part of the list for some time already. Emma and Emily are variations of one another, although it wasn't until the 1990s that parents began naming their daughters Emma enough to make it popular.

Hannah also made the top five most popular names from 2004 list, although it's been a parent-favorite since 1998. Hannah is one of the top Biblical names ever used, giving little girls a soft, beloved name with a meaning of ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’

Mackenzie is a name used for both girls and boys, but there are considerably more girls with this common name. The popularity of this name began to decline as a in the 2000s, replaced with more modern choices such as Kaitlyn, Jasmine, and Chloe, although it did make the most popular 2004 baby names list.

Benjamin shares a similar story to the name Mackenize, since its popularity has declined in recent years. During the Middle Ages, this Biblical baby name was oftentimes given to boys whose mothers died during childbirth.

James is the name of one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ, making the name particularly popular in religious homes, In 2004, it was a name on many parents' name lists. The meaning of the name James is ‘he who supplants.’

Most Popular Baby Names in 2004

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Grace was one of the top 20 most popular 2004 girls names for new babies. The name means favor or blessing and is oftentimes a variation of Anna or Hannah.

Alexis is a name that’s been used for more than 200 years now. It was originally a name given to boys, but that changed well before the name joined the most popular baby names list in the 1990s.

Given that it's been almost 20 years since 2004, you might wonder if 2004's top baby names still hold any popularity. Let's take a look at where 2004's top baby names rank in 2023.

Jacob was 2004's top name for baby boys. In 2023, this name barely edges into the top 50 at 46. Michael and Joshua, the second and third most popular boy names in 2004, now rank at 26 and 101, respectively. Michael continues to endure as one of the most popular names for boys, just barely missing out on the top 25.

2004's most popular girl name, Emily, no longer makes the top 50 with a spot at 66. Emma, 2003's second most popular name, has dropped three positions to number five. Madison experienced a sharp decline over the past 19 years, going from the third most popular name in 2003 to the 96th most popular in 2023. It remains to be seen whether Madison will experience a rebound, or whether it will eventually fall out of the top 100. Perhaps you can help it remain in the top 100 by giving it to your daughter!

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