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Danielle is a pleasant and lyrical baby name. With its unique blend of softness and gusto, the name has a permanent place in popular culture. Danielle de Barbarac is the protagonist of Ever After, the lively 1990s retelling of Cinderella. More recently, Danielle Johnson is a character on Orange Is the New Black, and Danielle Panabaker is a character on The Flash. Keep reading to learn more about this likeable name.

Meaning and Origin of the name Danielle:

Danielle is a sweet girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning “God is my judge.”

Danielle is the feminine Latin form of the Hebrew name Daniyyel. The name was a merging of the Hebrew roots din (meaning “to judge”) and ‘el (meaning “God”). Danielle means “God is my judge.”

Symbolism of the name Danielle:

Danielle is the feminine version of the name Daniel. In the Bible, Daniel served in the court of the Babylonian king and through faith survived a night in a lion's den. Symbols for Danielle include the angel and the lion.

Nicknames for the name Danielle

You have a few options when it comes to nicknames for the name Danielle. The most common nickname is Dani, which is short and very cute. Below is a list of nicknames you may want to consider when choosing a nickname for your little girl.

Style of the name Danielle:


Gender of the name Danielle:

Danielle is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Danielle:


Number of syllables in the name Danielle:


Emotion evoked from the name Danielle:

The name Danielle evokes feelings of elegance and strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Danielle:

  • Daniele
  • Dannielle
  • Danyelle
  • Daniella

Popularity of the name Danielle:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Danielle was the 448th most popular baby girl name. Danielle has been on the list of top 500 baby girl names since the 1960s.

Great middle names for Danielle and their meanings:

  • Abilene (meadow, grass)
  • Ava (life)
  • Blythe (happy, carefree)
  • Carmine (song, garden, red)
  • Chayce (hunter)
  • Dominique (of the Lord)
  • Jolene (God is gracious)
  • Maylin (beautiful jade)
  • Madeline (high tower)
  • Valerie (strong, healthy)

Famous people with the name Danielle:

  • Danielle E'Shawn Adams (basketball player)
  • Danielle Simone Bradbery (singer)
  • Danielle Brittany Brooks (actress)
  • Danielle Rose Collins (tennis player)
  • Danielle Jessica “Danny” Colaprico (soccer player)
  • Danielle “Dani” Evans (model)
  • Danielle Christine Fishel (actress)
  • Danielle Riley Keough (granddaughter of Elvis Presley)
  • Danielle Lloyd O'Hara (pageant winner)
  • Danielle Dominique Steel (writer)
  • Danielle de Barbarac (main protagonist in the Cinderella retelling Ever After)
  • Danielle Moonstar (Marvel Comics superhero)
  • Danielle Rousseau (character on Lost)
  • Danielle Van de Kamp (supporting character on Desperate Housewives)
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