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Madeline sounds very European, but it actually has deep Hebrew roots. It was created by English Christians to create their own version of the name Magdalene. It is a beautiful and feminine name that is one of the most popular among girls today with a variety of different spellings.

Meaning of the name Madeline:

English: woman of Magdala

Origin of the name Madeline:

The name Madeline was created to be an English version of the name Magdalene. Magdalene was created to represent women who were from Magdala. The first instance of this name was in the New Testament with the introduction of the woman, Mary Magdalene.

Symbolism of the name Madeline:

The name Madeline still means woman of Magdala as it retains the meaning of the name Magdalene. Magdalene may have originally been a surname in ancient Hebrew times, as seen with Mary Magdalene in the Bible, to represent women from the city of Magdala.

Style of the name Madeline:

The style of the baby name Madeline is traditional.

Gender of the name Madeline:

The gender of the baby name Madeline is female.

Pronunciation of the name Madeline:

MAD-e-lyne or MAD-e-lin

Number of syllables in the name Madeline:

There are three syllables in the baby name Madeline.

Emotion evoked from the name Madeline:

The name Madeline is very graceful and feminine. It is very lighthearted and feels pure and innocent in its representation.

Alternative spellings for the name Madeline:

Nicknames for the name Madeline:

  • Mads
  • Maddy
  • Madi
  • Madie
  • Deleine
  • Leine
  • Linny

Popularity of the name Madeline:

The baby name Madeline is currently ranked at number 95 on the Social Security Popularity Index. It has been on the top 100 list since the year 1994, however, when it was number 92. The name was also on the top 200 list from 1900 to 1931 and from 1990 to 1993.

Related names for the name Madeline:

Great middle names for Madeline and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Madeline:

Madelines in popular culture:

  • Madeline (title character in “Madeline” books)
  • Madeline Robin (character in “Winnie the Pooh”)
  • Madeline Reeves (character on “General Hospital”)
  • Madeline Hatter (character on “Ever After High”)
  • Madeline Main (character in book “North and South”)