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Madilyn is a modern English and French baby girl’s name that means “high tower” and “woman from Magdala”. Madilyn is a modern spelling of Madelyn and Madeline. It has become popular in the last two decades, peaking in 2012 at #287.

Meaning of the name Madilyn:

English, French: high tower, woman from Magdala

Origin of the name Madilyn:

Madilyn is a modern English and French name that means “high tower” or “woman from Magdala”. Madilyn is a variant spelling of Madelyn and Madeline.

Symbolism of the name Madilyn:

Madilyn means “woman from Magdala”. Magdala was an ancient Jewish city near the Sea of Galilee.

Style of the name Madilyn:


Gender of the name Madilyn:

Madilyn is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Madilyn:

MAD-ə-lin, MAD-lin, MAD-ə-lien

Number of syllables in the name Madilyn:

two or three, depending on pronunciation

Emotion evoked from the name Madilyn:

Madilyn evokes feelings of youth and beauty.

Alternative spellings for the name Madilyn:

Madalyn, Madeleine, Madeline, Madelyn, Madelynn, Madilynn, Madlyn, Madelaine, Madelina, Madoline

Nicknames for the name Madilyn:

Popularity of the name Madilyn:

According to the Social Security Administration, Madilyn is a popular baby girl’s name. Madilyn has been in the top 1000 baby names between 1998 and 2020. It peaked at #287 in 2012.

Related names for the name Madilyn:

Great middle names for the name Madilyn and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Madilyn:

  • Madilyn Jaz Morrow (American actress)
  • Madilyn Bailey (American singer)
  • Madilyn Paige (American singer)
  • Madilyn Rae Fawcett (daughter of soccer player Joy Fawcett)
  • Madilyn Grace Smith (daughter of singer Ne-Yo)

Madilyn in popular culture:

  • Madilyn Min (media, “Forgotten Hollow”)
  • Madilyn Joyce (media, “Souls”)
  • Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh (literature, “Battlestar Cerberus”)