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The baby name Adalyn is new to the charts, especially since it was not even popular enough for the Social Security Index until the year 2007. It was birthed from a creative mind who had German roots, combining a traditionally German name with a traditional suffix from the same country. It is quite a beautiful name now that is used for baby girls, popularized by Chris Daughtry's daughter.

Meaning of the name Adalyn:

German: noble kind
American: noble

Origin of the name Adalyn:

The name Adalyn was created by a mother in Germany who combined the traditional German name “Adelaide” with a name suffix that also exists in Germany that is “-lyn.” When you go back to the original meanings of the root words, however, the name “adal” is noble in the German language, while the name “heid” is noble sort in the language. Some state, however, that the name comes from the traditionally American name Ada and Lynn instead.

Symbolism of the name Adalyn:

The baby name Adalyn is very new, and it is composed of two, pre-existing German names. The name Adelaide is where the meaning of the name Adalyn comes from, with each part having to do with nobility. Creativity is the only true symbolism that is behind this baby name.

Style of the name Adalyn:

The style of the baby name Adalyn is very new-age as it was a new name created from a German suffix and pre-existing name.

Gender of the name Adalyn:

The primary gender for the baby name Adalyn is female.

Pronunciation of the name Adalyn:

ADD-ah-lin or AY-dah-lin

Number of syllables in the name Adalyn:

There are three syllables in the baby name Adalyn.

Emotion evoked from the name Adalyn:

The baby name Adalyn represents free-spirited emotions, with a personality that is full of happiness and cheerfulness. Emotions from this name may even be overwhelmingly happy, as the name is often associated with individuals who are extroverted and have a vivacious personality.

Alternative spellings for the name Adalyn:

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Nicknames for the name Adalyn:

Popularity of the name Adalyn:

The name Adalyn entered the Social Security Popularity Index in 2007 ranking at number 878. It became number 198 in 2012, putting it on the top 200 list. Now, the name is at one of the highest spots it has ever been at number 139.

Related names for the name Adalyn:

Great middle names for Adalyn and their meanings:

  • Elizabeth (God is my oath)
  • Mae (midwife, mother, greater)
  • Renee (reborn, born again)
  • Kate (pure)
  • Grace (God's grace)
  • Gwen (white, holy)

Famous people with the name Adalyn:

  • Adalyn Doyle (actress, “Finishing School”)

Adalyns in popular culture:

  • Adalyn (title character from 2010 short film of the same name)
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