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The baby name Adalynn combines the popular prefix Ada and classic suffix Lynn and has been created in modern times by parents in the United States. Adalynn is the second most used spelling of this name, next to Adeline. It is believed that it is a variation or shortening of the name Madeline.

Meaning of the baby name Adalynn:

Adalynn is a modern name that started recently in the United States, so there is not historical meaning for it. However, another variation of the name, Adeline, means noble.

Origin of the name Adalynn :


Style of the name Adalynn:


Gender of the name Adalynn :


Pronunciation of the baby name Adalynn


Syllables in the name Adalynn :


Emotion evoked from the name Adalynn :

Powerful, Loving

Alternative spellings for the name Adalynn :

Adeline, Adalyn, Adelinn

Nicknames for the name Adalynn :

Addy, Lyn, Ada, Addie, Lynn, Adele

Popularity of the name Adalynn :

According to the Social Security Administration index, Adalynn was the most popular in 2018 with 2,810 girls given the name. It ranked 108th that year. This variation of the name did not show up until the year 2008 when it ranked 858.

Related names for the name Adalynn :

Great middle names for Adalynn and their meaning:

  • Rose (delicate and beautiful like a flower)
  • May (pet name for Mary or Margaret)
  • Rain (nurturing and refreshing)
  • Grace (God’s favor, love for mankind)
  • Belle (beautiful)
  • Anise (pure soul)
  • Ann (gracious)
  • Sophia (wisdom or skill)
  • Lee (Chinese for plum)
  • Marie (lady of the sea, lady of sorrow)

Famous people with the name Adalynn :

  • Adalyn Dole, Actress
  • Adalyn Mayer, Actress
  • Adalyn Rose, daughter of musician Chris Daughtry

Movies/Pop culture for the baby name Adalynn:

Due to the name being created in the United States so recently, there isn’t any pop culture tied to it at this time. However, Chris Daughtry, a musician, named his baby girl Adalynn Rose.

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