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Ashlynn is an enchanting modern baby name. Graceful and genteel, the name features a balanced pronunciation and trendy suffix that makes it perfect for contemporary times. Ashlynn Wynterland is the titular protagonist of The Mysteriously Complicated Life of Ashlynn, and Ashlynn Ella is the daughter of Cinderella in the Ever After High series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Ashlynn:

Irish, Gaelic: Dream, vision
English: Ash tree lake

Origin of the name Ashlynn:

Ashlynn has two separate origins. In Irish and Gaelic culture, Ashlynn is the anglicized variation of the Celtic word aisling. This word means “dream” or “vision,” and it historically referred to divine inspiration. In English culture, Ashlynn is an invented name that combines the Anglo-Saxon word æsc (meaning “ash tree”) with the Welsh word lynn (meaning “lake”).

Symbolism of the name Ashlynn:

Ashlynn is known as the anglicized form of the Celtic word aisling (meaning “dream” or “vision”). In Irish culture, the aisling is a literary genre that occurs in poetry and sean-nós (Irish folk music). According to Irish legend, the aisling can manifest as a woman in human form, and the symbol for this celestial woman is the divine muse.

baby name Ashlynn

Style of the name Ashlynn:


Gender of the name Ashlynn:

Ashlynn is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Ashlynn:


Number of syllables in the name Ashlynn:


Emotion evoked from the name Ashlynn:

The name Ashlynn evokes feelings of imagination and inspiration.

Alternative spellings for the name Ashlynn:

  • Ashlyn 
  • Ashlyne
  • Ashelyn
  • Ashelynn
  • Ashlynne

Nicknames for the name Ashlynn:

Popularity of the name Ashlynn:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Ashlynn was the 665th most popular baby girl name in 2020.

Related names for the name Ashlynn:

Great middle names for Ashlynn and their meanings:

  • Alyona (bright, shining light, torch)
  • Bronte (thunder)
  • Carys (love)
  • Darcie (dark, Arcy township inhabitant)
  • Kelly (warrior)
  • Mavis (songbird)
  • Natalie (Christmas)
  • Suri (princess)
  • Tasmin (she who fulfills)
  • Zelda (blessed, happy, battle-strong)

Famous people with the name Ashlynn:

Ashlynn in popular culture:

  • Ashlynn (character on the sitcom Outsourced)
  • Ashlynn Wynterland (titular protagonist of The Mysteriously Complicated Life of Ashlynn by Jessica Sorensen)
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