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The baby name Grace came from the Puritans as a way to recognize the divine grace that the Christian church believes comes from God. Now, however, the name is not only used among the church. It is seen in use by parents from every religion for their children and remains a name found on the top 50 list.

Meaning and Origin of the name Grace:

Grace is an English girl's name of Latin origin meaning “charm,” “grace,” “favor,” “blessing,” “goodness,” or “generosity.”

The baby name Grace comes from the Latin word gratia (meaning “favor,” “kindness,” “goodness,” or “generosity”). The word grace was used in the English language, primarily among the church, before it became a name. The Puritans created this virtue name during the 17th century for children who came into the Christian faith through baptism. Before the time of the Puritans, there was a name called Gracia with the same meaning.

Symbolism of the name Grace:

The baby name Grace literally means grace. The Puritans meant it to represent the gift of God's love that is given through grace, according to the Christian faith.

Nicknames for the name Grace:

Grace is an adorable and sweet-sounding name. There are a variety of nicknames to choose from that are all very cute. Take a look at the list of nicknames below to see all the options you have.

Baby name Grace

Style of the name Grace:


Gender of the name Grace:

Females almost exclusively are given the baby name Grace.

Pronunciation of the name Grace:


Number of syllables in the name Grace:


Emotion evoked from the name Grace:

The baby name Grace is classic and simple. It has a sense of purity and belonging associated with it.

Alternative spellings for the name Grace:

  • Grayce
  • Grayse
  • Grase

Popularity of the name Grace:

In the year 2020, the baby name Grace ranked at number 28, just as it did in the year 2019. The baby name has had a slight decline, as it was on the top 20 list from the years 2000 to 2011, except for the year 2008 when the name was number 21. Grace was also on the top 20 list, however, from the years 1900 to 1908.

Great middle names for Grace and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Grace:

  • Grace Kelly (actress, “Rear Window”)
  • Grace Allen (actress, “A Damsel in Distress”)
  • Grace Slick (singer of Jefferson Airplane)
  • Grace Bannon (actress, “Vida”)
  • Grace Coddington (professional model)
  • Grace Min (professional tennis player)
  • Grace Devlin (character in “The Mob Doctor”)
  • Grace (character in “Little Prudy” series)
  • Grace Bertrand (character on “American Horror Story”)
  • Grace Brady (character on “Days of Our Lives”)
  • Grace Holloway (character on “Doctor Who”)
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