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The name Adeline was an extremely popular name during the Middle Ages and Medieval times due to the expansion of Europe and nations spreading throughout. It started in France but quickly spread throughout England and Norway. During the Victorian era, the name lacked in popularity until the twentieth century, when it rose in popularity due to a song in pop culture.

Meaning of the Name Adeline:

English: noble
French: noble, nobility

Origin of the Name Adeline:

The name Adeline is a play on the traditional French name Adele, which is how this name originated, to begin with. Adele actually came to France from the Old German word which was adal. This work by itself means noble. The name made its way through the rest of Europe during the eleventh century, but mostly England via the Normans, and it has only become popular in modern times due to the song “Sweet Adeline.”

Symbolism of the Name Adeline:

The French language is based on a mixture of the Old Germanic language and the ancient Latin language. When the name Adele was created, which came to be turned into the name Adeline, it was the French version of a German word that already meant noble. This certain royalty followed even with the name Adeline.

Style of the Name Adeline:

The style of the name Adeline is very traditional to Medieval times.

Gender of the Name Adeline:

The gender of the baby name Adeline is for females.

Pronunciation of Adeline:

AD-a-line, ad-a-LEEN

Number of syllables in Adeline:

There are three syllables in the baby name Adeline.

Emotion evoked from the Name Adeline:

Adeline is a name that feels very sweet and kind, and it is actually one that still has a vintage feel to it. It has not lost its old-fashioned flavor as many baby names have.

Alternative spellings of Adeline:

Nicknames for the Name Adeline:

Popularity of the Name Adeline:

The name Adeline was on the top 100 list from the years 2016 to 2019, with the highest-ranking being number 63 in 2016. In 2020, the popularity of the name Adeline on the Social Security Index is right at number 100.

Related Names to the Name Adeline:

Great middle names for Adeline and their meanings:

  • Nora (fire, light, heat)
  • Charlotte (free man, petite)
  • Irene (peace)
  • Sophie (wisdom)
  • Eliza (My God is an oath, joyful)
  • Clara (clear, bright, famous)
  • Brooke (water, small stream)
  • Claire (bright, clear)

Famous people with the Name Adeline:

  • Adeline Virginia Woolf (British author)
  • Adeline Pond Adams (American author)
  • Adeline Andre (French fashion designer)
  • Adeline Canac (French figure skater)
  • Adeline Genee (professional ballet dancer)
  • Adeline Knapp (American journalist)
  • Adeline McKinlay (American professional tennis player)
  • Adeline Dutton Train Whitney (American poet)

The Name Adeline in movies/pop culture:

  • Adeline Luna (character in the book The Bostonians)
  • Adeline March (character in the book The Thirteenth Tale)
  • Adeline Schmidt (character in “Sweet Adeline”)
  • Adeline (character in Kirby video game)
  • Adeline (title character in song called “Adeline” sung by Brian Wright)
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